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Scale armor is a type of medium armor in Pillars of Eternity.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Scale armor is made of overlapping small plates of metal or horn sewn to a leather backing. It offers a balance of protection and speed.

List of scale armor[]

Icon Name DR Value Enchantments
Scale armor icon.png Scale Armor 7 40Copper pands (cp)
Scale armor fine icon.png Fine Scale Armor 9 240Copper pands (cp)
Scale armor saints war armor icon.png Saint's War Armor
7 240Copper pands (cp)
Scale armor pikes pride icon.png Pike's Pride
7 340Copper pands (cp)
Scale armor exceptional icon.png Exceptional Scale Armor 11 440Copper pands (cp)
Scale armor hirbels protective skin icon.png Hirbel's Protective Skin
9 540Copper pands (cp)
Scale armor scales of the raven icon.png Scales of the Raven
9 740Copper pands (cp)
Scale armor autumn fire icon.png Autumn Fire
11 940Copper pands (cp)
Scale armor the golden scales icon.png The Golden Scales [WM1]
13 1,140Copper pands (cp)