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Scaling is a quality type enchantment in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Items with Scaling enchantment[]

Icon Name Item type Enchantments
Lax02 battle axe rymrgand icon.png Battle Axe Battle axe
Poe2 caedebalds blackbow weapon icon.png Caedebald's Blackbow War bow
Poe2 citzals spirit lance icon.png Citzal's Spirit Lance Pike
Poe2 summoned skaen club icon.png Club Club
Poe2 concelhaut's draining touch icon.png Concelhaut's Draining Touch
Poe2 concelhauts parasitic icon.png Concelhaut's Parasitic Quarterstaff Quarterstaff
Poe2 druid claw icon.png Druid Bear Claws
(As Spiritshift Bear)
Poe2 boar tusk icon.png Druid Boar Tusks
(As Spiritshift Boar)
Poe2 drake talon icon.png Druid Cat Claws
(As Spiritshift Cat)
Poe2 stelgaer tooth icon.png Druid Shark Teeth
(As Spiritshift Shark)
Poe2 stag horn icon.png Druid Stag Horns
(As Spiritshift Stag)
Poe2 stelgaer tooth icon.png Druid Wolf Teeth
(As Spiritshift Wolf)
Poe2 primal wind icon.png Elemental Claws
(As Spiritshift Storm Blight)
Poe2 summoned eothas flail icon.png Flail Flail
Poe2 summoned berath greatsword icon.png Great Sword Great sword
Poe2 citzals armory greatsword icon.png Great Sword Great sword
Poe2 summoned woedica fist icon.png Hands Unarmed
Poe2 wizard kalakoths minor blights burn icon.png Kalakoth's Minor Blight
Poe2 quarterstaff llengraths warding icon.png Llengrath's Warding Staff Quarterstaff
Poe2 citzals armory morningstar icon.png Morning Star Morning star
Poe2 summoned magran pistol icon.png Pistol Pistol
Poe2 summoned wael rod icon.png Rod Rod
Poe2 gaun sickle icon.png Sickle Hatchet
Poe2 summoned skaen stiletto icon.png Stiletto Stiletto
Poe2 summoned magran sword icon.png Sword Sword