Selected Correspondences of Giftbringer Iden

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Selected Correspondences of Giftbringer Iden
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Selected Correspondences of Giftbringer Iden is a book in Pillars of Eternity, it is about the deity Ondra.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Sing, oh ocean waves, of Ondra's sorrow - of her unrequited love for the unattainable moon! Sing of the ocean's sorrow, so that we may forget our own! Each day, the tides reenact Ondra's longing for the great moon - the waters reach out at high tide, yearning for the heavenly body, only to slump into low tide when the moon proves unattainable.

You asked me once why I loved Ondra so dearly - how I could go from a life on dry land to being a devote to the Goddess of the Oceans. I sing of the ocean's sorrow so that I may forget my own. It is Ondra's message that speaks to my heart - I have devoted my life to helping others discard painful memories, for that is the gift Ondra gave me. When I lost my young daughter, my wife and I were inconsolable until a Giftbearer offered to take my toddler's toys and cast them into the deepest waters.

Truth be told, I and the other Giftbearers I know have never even spoken to Ondra... she is largely silent and when she does 'speak' she uses floods and tidal waves instead of words. But we sing of the ocean's sorrow so that others may forget theirs. Ondra's story - the story of desire unanswered - actually matters to people like you and me. Magran cannot steer you to victory over sadness, Hylea cannot force joy down a crying throat... only Ondra can give us the strength to persevere when life seems without worth. And that is the answer to your question regarding why I love my Goddess so dearly.