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PE1 Serel.png
Biography and appearance
Game Pillars of Eternity
Race Wood elf
Gender Female
Location The Salty Mast
Quests Far from Home
Internal Name

Serel is a famous prostitute in Pillars of Eternity.

She can be found on the second floor of The Salty Mast. Her price is 1000cp (500cp with a discount) for a single tryst.


Powder almost hides the circles under her eyes, and rouge dusts her too-prominent cheekbones. Despite it all, Serel is beautiful. She favors you with a smile she must have practiced... and perfected. Serel is the star attraction of The Salty Mast and one of those least content with her lot in life. Together with Thristwn, she put away money to move into Brackenbury by exploiting drunken nobles. However profitable the arrangement was between the two, she decided to hang on to the Engwithan medallion she pilfered, hoping to sell it for enough copper to secure her future. Thristwn didn't take too kindly to it.


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Far from Home

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Offers a brothel bonus (+2 Athletics, +2 Constitution, +2 Dexterity) for 1000 cp (500 with discount)


  • Far from Home: If she is given money (4000cp or 6000cp) in exchange for the Stolen Engwithan Medallion during the quest Far from Home, she can later be found standing near the fountain in Brackenbury, commenting to the player that they "should have seen the look on the nobles' faces" when she moved in, while Aldwyn will move into her old room.