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In response to patch v1. to Pillars of Eternity (June 6, 2024), the random loot tables shown on the wiki have been updated. These changes may take time to propegate.

As a result, random loot data is no longer accurate to old versions of the game, including all console ports. We'll be working to provide a mechanism to switch between pre-patch and post-patch loot for console players.


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Shatterscarp is a region in Avowed. It is the third region visited by the player.

Background[ | ]

An dry and arid wasteland beside the coast.

Points of interest[ | ]

  • Thirdborn, a Rauataian settlement on the cliffs overlooking the ocean.
  • Leviathan Hollow, the skull of a large leviathan jutting out of the ground, and home to many Xaurips.
  • The frozen labyrinth of an unknown archmage, in the corner of the area.

Gallery[ | ]