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The ship management interface, showing the upgrade slots on a dhow.

The Defiant can be extensively upgraded through the game, across a variety of categories.

Ship types[]

There are six ship bases available, affecting its appearance and performance. Ships can only be swapped out while at Neketaka. A 10% discount on all ships can be obtained after finishing The Shipwright's Plight.

Name Stats Cost Description / notes
Sail health Hull health Speed Crew Hit chance
Ship Icon Sloop s.png
Dyrwoodan Sloop
20 50 1 turn for maneuvers 5 55% Free
Ship Icon Voyager.png
25 60 1 turn for maneuvers 5 55% Copper pands (cp)20,000 When the Huana of old set out on grand seafaring voyages, they did so in outrigger canoes. These multihull boats were fast and durable enough for explorers to reach the corners of the known world. The voyager represents the evolution of the outrigger design. The twin hulls provide excellent stability even in rough seas, and large triangular sails make the vessel exceedingly fast. Though it lacks the hull strength and cargo space of larger vessels, the voyager is highly maneuverable and presents a difficult target for enemy gunners. Due to a lack of dedicated gundecks, the ship's cannons are mounted on the main deck. Twin chase guns allow the voyager to engage enemies directly ahead while a single aft-facing cannon provides a firing arc to the rear.

Requires at least 5 crew to operate.

Ship Icon Dhow.png
40 65 2 turns for maneuvers 7 60% Copper pands (cp)35,000 The dhow has changed little since its inception in the days of Old Vailia, where it performed a variety of roles from fishing vessel to warship. Its triangular sails and sleek, efficient hull strike a balance between speed, maneuverability, and durability. Its armament, while modest, is quite capable of standing up to both faster and tougher vessels. Though the design has fallen out of favor in the Vailian Republics, the humble dhow has had a resurgence in Deadfire with the arrival of the Príncipi, who sail the craft with the skill and tenacity of their Old Vailian forbearers.

Requires at least 7 crew to operate.

Ship Icon Galleon.png
40 100 2 turns for turns
3 turns for jibe
8 60% Copper pands (cp)100,000 This impressive ship has become the symbolic vessel of the Vailian Republics. Originally constructed as dedicated cargo craft, many early galleons fell prey to pirates and privateers. Such a ship represents a considerable investment of capital. To deal with ever-present threats, modern shipwrights have sacrificed some of the galleon's impressive cargo space to facilitate expanded gundecks, turning the vessel into a heavily armed and versatile warship. Its heavy timber hull has been likened to the walls of a castle, though such protection comes at the cost of speed and maneuverability.

Requires at least 8 crew to operate.

Ship Icon Junk.png
60 70 2 turns for turns
3 turns for jibe
9 70% Copper pands (cp)120,000 The junk represents a method of shipbuilding unique to the storm-beaten seas of Rauatai and serves as the workhorse of the kingdom's naval and merchant fleets. Outfitted with large, battened sails, this vessel can achieve surprising speed despite its size. The spacious hull is divided into several watertight bulkheads to prevent flooding, and each compartment houses a well-armed gundeck. The junk boasts cargo space and armament unparalleled by even Vailian galleons. Its tall hull and rigging, however, present a large target for enemy gunners, and the softwood hull affords little protection from cannon fire.

Requires at least 9 crew to operate.

Ship Icon Submarine s.png
N/A 80 2 turns for maneuvers 6 60% - The "Blade of Takōwa". Requires siding with Rauatai during The Coming Storm, obtained after completing The Final Maneuver.
  • Cannot be upgraded. This includes the sails, flag, hull, helm, lanterns, anchor, and all cannon slots.
  • All cannon slots are permanently equipped with the Submarine Cannon.
  • Is not affected by attacks targeting sails, as the submarine doesn't have sails.
  • Has a guaranteed flee and close-to-board chance.
  • Is able to sail directly through storms with impunity.
Longship 40 50 2 turns for turns
3 turns for jibe
5 40% - Unobtainable - ship type used by the Rathun.
  • The submarine was renamed from the "Blade of Tâkowa" to simply "Submarine" in a later patch.
  • The Fonferrus is another ship obtainable as part of the Príncipi sen Patrena questline. It is effectively identical to a Galleon, but cannot be upgraded (other than the guns and flag). Like the submarine, it is not affected by storms, even if Ondra's Challenge is enabled.

Stat table[]

Note: Some stats are not included in this table, including for example the amount of turns it takes to sail full, sail half, board, hold, fire cannons, report, and brace for impact - as these take 1 turn to complete for all ship types.
Name Stats Maneuver rate Cannon slots Crew slots/jobs Supply limits Misc.
Min crew size Max crew size Sail health
Icon ship sail health.png
Hull health
Icon ship hull health.png
Combat speed
Icon ship combat speed.png
Travel speed
Icon ship water speed.png
Hittability Port / Stbd
Action left.png
Action reverse.png
Port Stbd Fore Aft None Captain Boatswain
Ic ship anchor.png
Ic ship navigator.png
Ic ship helmsman.png
Ic ship deckhand.png
Ic ship cannoneer.png
Ic ship chef.png
Ic ship surgeon.png
Ic ship reserves.png
Icon ship ammunition.png
Icon ship health.png
Icon ship carpenter.png
Icon ship defender.png
Minimum deckhand ranks Minimum helmsman ranks Close to board damage multiplier Close to board defensive damage multiplier
Sloop 5 11 20 50 50 +0% 50% 1 1 2 2 - - 1 0 0 1 1 2 2 1 1 3 100 200 50 4 2 1 1.0 1.0
Voyager 5 12 25 60 60 +10% 55% 1 1 - - 2 1 1 0 0 1 1 2 3 1 1 3 80 160 40 4 3 2 0.9 0.9
Dhow 7 16 40 75 55 +0% 60% 2 2 3 3 - - 2 0 1 1 1 4 3 1 1 4 120 240 60 6 7 2 1.1 1.1
Galleon 8 18 40 120 40 +0% 60% 2 3 4 4 - - 2 0 1 1 1 4 4 1 1 5 160 320 100 6 7 3 1.2 1.2
Junk 9 21 60 90 45 -5% 70% 2 3 5 5 - - 3 0 1 1 1 5 5 1 1 6 200 400 150 6 9 4 1.3 1.3
Submarine 6 15 0 80 50 +0% 60% 2 2 2 2 - - 5 0 0 1 1 4 2 1 1 5 100 200 50 4 1 1 0.0 1.1
Longship 5 8 40 50 70 +25% 40% 2 3 1 1 - - 0 0 0 0 1 3 1 0 0 3 50 50 50 0 2 2 1.2 1.2

Click "Expand" to show legend

  • Min crew size: If the ship has less crew than this, it will receive harsh penalties
  • Sail health: The ship's maximum sail health.
  • Hull health: The ship's maximum hull health.
  • Combat speed: The number of meters this ship can move per round in combat.
  • Travel speed: The adjustment to overland map travel speed when using this ship (0 is default. 100 is double the default).
  • Hittability: Base percent chance to hit a ship of this type.
  • Maneuver turns: The number of turns it takes for an action to complete.
  • Crew slots/jobs: Number of crew members in each job this ship supports. "None" means no job. If they are in the active crew with this job, they are in the Crew Cabin.
  • Supply limits: Upper limit of each supply that this ship can carry.
  • Defenders: Number of defenders that can be spawned for combat on this ship.
  • MinimumDeckhandRanks: The ship will move at half speed if it doesn't have at least this many ranks of deckhands assigned.
  • MinimumHelmsmanRanks: The ship will receive a further -10 accuracy penalty to shots taken after a jibe or turn (on top of the usual -30) if it doesn't have at least this many ranks of helmsmen assigned.
  • CloseToBoardDamageMultiplier: Multiplies Close to Board damage when this ship is closing to board.
  • CloseToBoardDefensiveDamageMultiplier: Multiplies Close to Board damage when this ship is being closed on.

Major upgrades[]


Icon Effect Cost Location Description
Poe2 Ship Carvel Hull icon.png
Carvel Hull
- Default hull type Using a fixed plank technique which eliminates overlap, these smooth hulls require extensive caulking and support. This increases hull strength allowing for additional sail plans and masts for larger ships, while decreasing the time needed to repair damaged sections of the hull.
Poe2 Ship Hull Birdshit icon.png
Birdshit Hull
-5% Travel Speed Equipped at the start of the game The following text describes something affected by the Watcher's actions in Pillars of Eternity. if you broke your pledge to Hylea during the final act of Pillars of Eternity. A "gift from above," this hull treatment is a sign of Hylea's displeasure. The bird dung is detrimental to the hull and provokes not-so-hushed curses from the deckhands responsible for swabbing the deck. Simply maintaining such a mess is a waste of time and resources.
Poe2 Ship Hull Aedyran icon.png
Aedyran Hull Treatment
+5 Hull Health Copper pands (cp)1,000 A fine mix of practicality and extravagance, this hull treatment is the standard of the Aedyran Imperial Navy. Polished with an oil extracted from the internal glands of lagufaeth and reinforced with copper rivets, this hull is designed to withstand the rigors of prolonged journeys while exuding Aedyran class.
Poe2 Ship Hull Warship icon.png
Warship Reinforcements
-2m Combat Speed
+15 Hull Health
-2% Travel Speed
Copper pands (cp)3,500 Additional support beams within the hold, coupled with iron bolts, provide resilience against splintering and improves the integrity of the entire hull. The extra weight displaces more water, slightly limiting of the speed and maneuverability of the vessel.
Poe2 Ship Hull Bardatto icon.png
Bardatto Hull
+5 Hull Health
+2% Travel Speed
Copper pands (cp)5,000 Support beams, crafted from the wood of several delemgans, allow for a lighter weight system which allows the ship to sit higher on the water. While the construction process is illegal in many ports, the design is sturdy and light, allowing for greater maneuverability in the ocean.
Poe2 Ship Hull Warship Improved icon.png
Improved Warship Reinforcements
+15 Hull Health Copper pands (cp)7,500 Additional support beams within the hold, coupled with durgan steel bolts, provide resilience against splintering and improves the integrity of the entire hull. The lessened weight of the durgan steel offsets the extra weight of the additional supports.
Poe2 Ship Merchant Hull icon.png
Merchant's Hold
- Copper pands (cp)9,000 Several interior beams and supports can be removed from the hold of a ship while allowing it to remain seaworthy. Although the design weakens the hull integrity slightly, it is favored among some merchants and explorers, allowing the ship to maximize the weight of the cargo it can carry.
Poe2 Ship Hull RedDream icon.png
The Red Dream
-10m Combat Speed
+40 Hull Health
Copper pands (cp)16,000 At the height of his power, the Grand Vailian emperor Matenici III commissioned his royal shipwrights to build him a vessel that could not be sunk. Try as they might, the greatest engineers, craftsmen, and artisans in the empire were unable to deliver on such a demand. As failures mounted, so thinned the emperor's patience. Eventually Matenici implemented a policy of executing those he deemed responsible for repeatedly failing to carry out his will, a crime he equated to high treason. Shipwrights began to refer to the cursed project as the "Red Dream of Mad Matenici." 

The decades-long venture ended with the emperor's untimely death by the hand of his chief minister. While ultimately unsuccessful, the project did yield substantial advances in the field of hull reinforcement. Contemporary shipbuilders call the construction method the "Red Dream" in acknowledgement of the blood shed by their forbearers. 

There are rumors of a pirate captain sailing a ship by the name of Red Dream within the waters of the Deadfire as well. Whether this is true or merely another sea story remains to be seen.

Poe2 Ship Hull Boneframe icon.png
Boneframe Hull
+5m Combat Speed
+5% Travel Speed
Copper pands (cp)25,000 Reinforced with structural supports and bolts, both crafted of troll bone, these hulls are miraculously easy to repair. The lightweight bone allows for increases in speed and maneuverability.
Poe2 Ship Hull Blackwood icon.png
Blackwood Hull
+15m Combat Speed
+15 Hull Health
+5% Travel Speed
Copper pands (cp)64,000 Blackwood trees are exceedingly rare. The corrupted trees are only found among the shadowy groves of the mênpŵgra. It is said the enigmatic Rathun Raiders use blackwood in the construction of their terrifying longships. A blackwood hull, coupled with durgan steel reinforcements, is not only exceptionally light but nearly as hard as stone. There is no sturdier timber in the Deadfire.
Poe2 Ship Hull Ghost icon.png
Infested Hull
- Permanently equipped to The Floating Hangman This hull is a casualty of hard wear and dangerous neglect. Wood rot has spread throughout. Shipworms have burrowed a labyrinthine tunnel system from end to end. The weight of barnacles alone would threaten to drag down a lesser ship, but this one holds together by some anomaly of magic, nautical engineering, or both.
  • *Prior to patch 5.0.0 (The Ultimate), Blackwood Hull could be purchased at the Neketaka ship supply vendor. This is no longer the case, and it must now be crafted using 5 Blackwood Logs, found strewn throughout various dungeons in the Deadfire.


Affect travel speed and sail health.

Icon Effect Cost Location Description
Poe2 Ship Sails Linen icon.png
Linen Sails
- Default sail type The most common sail on the sea. The linen sail has been in use for generations the world over. Woven from flax, linen sails are sturdy but a bit heavy. Many captains prefer the reliability coupled with the steady supply of this sail.
Poe2 Ship Sails Birdshit icon.png
Birdshit Sails
-5% Travel Speed Equipped at the start of the game The following text describes something affected by the Watcher's actions in Pillars of Eternity. if you broke your pledge to Hylea during the final act of Pillars of Eternity. These linen sails have been caked with the droppings of a multitude of seabirds. The crew aloft complains unendingly about the mess - and the smell. The drying shit weighs down the sails and interferes with proper reefing and unfurling.
Poe2 Ship Sails Berath icon.png
Sails of Berath
+5m Combat Speed
-2 Sail Health
+5% Travel Speed
Copper pands (cp)500 These grim sails are adorned with the symbol of Berath, god of the cycle of life and death. They are surprisingly lightweight and catch even the slightest breeze, as though compelled to draw the ship inexorably forward to whatever fate awaits.
Poe2 Ship Sails Cottonweave icon.png
Cottonweave Sails
+5m Combat Speed
-2 Sail Health
+5% Travel Speed
Copper pands (cp)1,000 First invented by the Rauatai, the cottonweave sail is lighter than its linen counterpart. This makes it ideal for larger sails and relatively inexpensive to create.
Poe2 Ship Sails Vithrak icon.png
Vithrack Silk Sails
+5 Sail Health Copper pands (cp)1,250 Pure vithrack silk sails are a rarity, so many sails of this type are a master-crafted weave of cotton and vithrack silk. The adhesive nature of the silk aids crew members climbing in the rigging, allowing for faster jibing and tacking. The silk also increases the overall strength of the sail.
Poe2 Ship Sails Trollskin icon.png
Trollstitch Sails
+10 Sail Health
+5% Travel Speed
Copper pands (cp)2,250 These linen sails are reinforced with braided troll hair fiber, increasing the overall strength. The extra weight makes it more difficult to jibe and tack, lowering the ship's maneuverability in combat. The regenerative properties of the troll hair add considerable durability to the canvas and riggings.
Poe2 Ship Sails Valera icon.png
Valera Sails
+5m Combat Speed
+5 Sail Health
+5% Travel Speed
Copper pands (cp)4,500 Before becoming privateers, the Valera family were proud sail-makers.  Valeran sails were known for using a strong, but light, combination of linen and cotton that did not sacrifice speed for durability.
Poe2 Ship Sail Leaf icon.png
Palm Sails [SWP]
+20m Combat Speed
-7 Sail Health
+20% Travel Speed
Copper pands (cp)8,500 These sails are made of flexible, lightweight palm leaves often used on Huana war canoes. They might not endure a beating from enemy fire, but they catch the wind with a mighty snap that promises to speed a boat away from danger. 
Poe2 Ship Sails Gulskin icon.png
Gulskin Sails
-5m Combat Speed
+30 Sail Health
Copper pands (cp)9,000 These rare sails require the hides of dozens of guls, cured in a solution of luminous adra before being painstakingly stitched together. It is said the sails tend to unexpectedly stir or twitch, even on a windless night. Whether truth or sailor's tale, these macabre sails are highly prized by infamous pirate captains. They have an uncanny ability to take a beating, as well as strike fear into the hearts of the sailors they are hunting.
Poe2 Ship Sails Stormwind icon.png
Stormwind Sails
+15m Combat Speed
+15% Travel Speed
Copper pands (cp)12,500
  • Dunnage
  • Boarding Whenena Eel's Kiss
These sails are rumored to be crafted by a secretive group of elven animancers out of Revua, in the Vailian Republics. The rumors hint at some process that requires primal wind, an enigmatic energy associated with storm blights. The technique for crafting these sails is a closely-guarded secret, but the sails themselves have become quite popular among smugglers and wealthy merchant captains.
Poe2 Ship Sails Mageweave icon.png
Mageweave Sails
+5m Combat Speed
+5 Sail Health
+5% Travel Speed
Copper pands (cp)18,000 The archmage Minoletta first designed the mageweave sail as a gift to a former companion, Jhorius Mastermate. While expensive, the process has been replicated by several wizards and these prized sails have become popular within the elite of the Aedyran Navy.
Poe2 Ship Sails Dragon icon.png
Dragonwing Sails
+10m Combat Speed
+15 Sail Health
+10% Travel Speed
Copper pands (cp)40,500 Despite the name, these sails are usually crafted from the wings of large drakes. Exceedingly rare and equally costly, these sails are unmatched in durability.
Poe2 Ship Sails Ghost icon.png
Ragged Sails
- Permanently equipped to The Floating Hangman. These sails are torn to the point of uselessness and hang on the masts like funerary shrouds. It's a mystery how they catch the wind, much less hold an approximate shape. In spite of appearances, they cling to their function with a Death Guard's relentlessness.


Affects damage dealt to enemy ships. Unlike sails or hull, these can be purchased and replaced individually. Guns can be obtained by boarding named enemy ships.

Name Damage Range Reload Cost Location Description
Poe2 Ship Cannons Dyrwoodan Hog Nose icon.png
Dyrwoodan Hog Nose
4-7 150m-400m 3 turns Copper pands (cp)1,000 This type of cannon was made popular during the final years of the War of Defiance. It is inexpensive to construct, lightweight, and reliable. The short, broad barrel earned its derisive nickname from Aedyran commanders on both land and sea. Lord Commander Sigfryd Rulth, of the Aedyran Overland Regiment is famously quoted, "I am unsure which is more stubborn - a Dyrwoodan fighting his betters, or the hog nose he fights us with."

The range of the hog nose is limited, but its light weight is advantageous to a ship's overall speed and maneuverability.

Poe2 Ship Cannons Aedyran Channel Gun icon.png
Aedyr Channel Gun
4-7 350m-600m 4 turns Copper pands (cp)1,125 Guns such as these are deployed in great numbers along the Aedyran Straights of Jölska, where numerous coastal forts defend the network of waterways from pirate raiders and enemy ships. It is a more complicated device than its Dyrwoodan contemporaries and takes longer to reload but can engage targets at much longer range. While not designed for use aboard ships, the gun has proven a capable maritime weapon in the Deadfire nonetheless.
Poe2 Ship Cannons Iron Thunderer icon.png
Iron Thunderer
6-9 200m-500m 4 turns Copper pands (cp)1,200 The Iron Thunderer demonstrates numerous advancements in cannon construction made necessary by constant seaborn conflict in the Deadfire. The gun boasts superior range and firepower to those of similar Dyrwoodan weapons. Its ammunition, while heavier, is not overly cumbersome for gunnery crews. Its versatility and reliability have made the Iron Thunderer the staple naval gun of the region.
Poe2 Ship Cannons Durgan icon.png
Haeferic's Nose
8-11 200m-600m 4 turns Copper pands (cp)1,500 Taken from the halls of Durgan's Battery, this dwarven cannon was never intended for use on the high seas. It fires heavy iron shot over a vast distance and is capable of inflicting great damage to enemy ships. The ammunition is cumbersome, however, and the weapon's prodigious bulk prevents use of a traditional gun carriage. This makes reloading an arduous affair. Adjusting aim with the gun is time-consuming, so it is generally calibrated to fire at a fixed distance, which requires a target to be within a narrow optimum range.
Poe2 Ship Cannons Imperial Long Gun icon.png
Imperial Long Gun
6-9 300m-600m 6 turns Copper pands (cp)1,650 As the standard artillery piece of the Aedyran Imperial Navy, the Imperial Long Gun has proven to be a highly effective, if specialized weapon. Its long barrel and innovative pitching gun carriage gives the cannon an impressive reach but limits its ability to fire at nearby targets. This drawback is in line with Aedyran naval doctrine, which emphasizes engaging enemy vessels at long range with precise fire.
Poe2 Ship Cannons Royal Bronzer icon.png
Royal Bronzer
8-11 150m-400m 5 turns Copper pands (cp)1,800 Engineered by the Rauatai during the mid-2700s, the Royal Bronzer was equipped with a longer bore to stabilize fire and use the full potential of the explosive power of the gunpowder.

While these cannons are traditionally found on ships of the Rauataian navy, some were gifted to the newly rechristened Royal Deadfire Company after the Rauataian government put their full support into the company in 2814.

Poe2 Ship Cannons Submarine icon.png
Submarine Cannon
8-11 150m-400m 5 turns Copper pands (cp)1,800 This cannon is the pinnacle of Rauataian nautical technology. Made of precisely-machined brass, the gun is immune to rust and unlikely to corrode. By necessity it is a breechloading weapon - the first of its kind - which allows the gunnery crew to reload the gun from without the safety of the submersible, though the ship must be surfaced to fire. A watertight muzzle cap keeps out the sea while the vessel is submerged and a lensed gunsight allows a cannoneer to accurately engage targets at long distances.
Poe2 Ship Cannons Vailian Hullbreaker icon.png
Vailian Hullbreaker
10-13 0m-250m 4 turns Copper pands (cp)1,900 Favored by wealthy merchants and smugglers, these cannons are designed to prevent boarding. While at long range, a vessel armed with hullbreaker cannons is at distinct disadvantage. At close range the hullbreaker is without equal. Some of the most daring captains have been known to tuck tail and flee after taking a single broadside from these devastating cannons. 
Poe2 Ship Cannons Double Bronzer icon.png
Double Bronzer
12-15 250m-350m 8 turns Copper pands (cp)2,100 The naval engineers of Rauatai developed this twin-barreled naval gun in an effort to maximize the number of guns a ship could carry. While both barrels fire relatively small shot, the combined impact of both projectiles produces damage no single-barreled weapon can match. The weapon has limited range and is laborious to reload, even for a trained gun crew, but its effects are devastating. Adjusting aim with the gun is time-consuming, so it is generally calibrated to fire at a fixed distance, which requires a target to be within a narrow optimum range.
Poe2 Ship Cannons Wyrmtongue icon.png
6-9 0m-400m 5 turns Copper pands (cp)3,000 The recent rediscovery of the alchemical formula for Magran's Breath, an ancient Engwithan form of liquid fire, has allowed the production of new and devastating weapons. Artillery foundries developed this cannon for naval use, as fire is particularly dangerous aboard a ship. Primed with a concentrated mixture of Magran's Breath and runepowder, the gun fires cannonballs wreathed in flame. This prototype has inferior range to most shipboard guns, but up-close it is capable of setting entire decks, riggings, and crews alight with nigh-unquenchable flame.
Poe2 Ship Aedyran Firethrower icon.png
Magranite Firethrower [SWP]
6-9 0m-75m 2 turns Copper pands (cp)3,000 This marvel of engineering spits a stream of ignited oil at enemy ships, which makes for a devastating surprise to any close-range attacker at sea. Early experiments with firethrowers yielded mixed results, as human or mechanical error often resulted in uncontrollable conflagrations consuming any ship brave enough to wield the volatile weapon. More recent designs have reduced the element of risk and incorporated much-needed safety features.
Poe2 Ship Cannons RathunFireshot icon.png
Rathun Fireshot
9-12 0m-400m 3 turns Cannot be obtained Using Firecaller magics, this fearsome dragonhead prow spews deadly fireballs at the enemies of the Rathun, setting fire to sails and timbers.

Minor upgrades[]


The flags you fly on the mast of your ship, declaring your origin and allegiance, allowing ships to tell friend from foe... And slip by unmolested. Faction colors can be obtained by boarding an enemy ship.

Icon Name Location Description
Poe2 Ship Flag Watcher icon.png
The Watcher of Dyrwood Maritime flags declare a ship's origin and allegiance and are used to distinguish friend from foe on the high seas. These are the personal colors of the Watcher of Dyrwood.
Poe2 Ship Flag Huana icon.png
  • Looted from defeated Huana ships.
  • Kahanga Palace, in Prince Aruihi's chambers.
Maritime flags declare a ship's origin and allegiance and are used to distinguish friend from foe on the high seas. These are the colors of the Huana, which bear the wayfinder's emblem.
Poe2 Ship Flag Principi icon.png
Príncipi sen Patrena This is the flag of the Príncipi sen Patrena. Though universally selfish and fiercely independent, the Príncipi fly these colors to avoid inadvertently attacking one another in their quest for plunder.
Poe2 Ship Flag RDC icon.png
Royal Deadfire Company Maritime flags declare a ship's origin and allegiance and are used to distinguish friend from foe on the high seas. This is the ensign of the Royal Deadfire Company.
Poe2 Ship Flag VTC icon.png
Vailian Trading Company
  • Looted from defeated VTC ships.
Maritime flags declare a ship's origin and allegiance and are used to distinguish friend from foe on the high seas. These are the colors flown by ships of the Vailian Trading Company. Though the ducs bels are acknowledged, the scales of the Company are conspicuously placed above the five suns.
Poe2 Ship Flag Slaver icon.png
  • Looted from defeated Crookspur Slavers ships.
This is the flag flown by vessels loyal to the slavers of Crookspur.
Poe2 Ship Flag Pirate icon.png
Pirate Not an item -
Poe2 Ship Flag Rathun icon.png
Rathun Not an item -
Ship flag deck of many things icon.png
Deck of Many Things [DMT] Maritime flags declare a ship's origin and allegiance and are used to distinguish friend from foe on the high seas. These are the personal colors of Thaenic, captain of the Deck of Many Things.
Poe2 Ship Flag Obsidian icon.png
Obsidian Order Maritime flags declare a ship's origin and allegiance and are used to distinguish friend from foe on the high seas. These are the colors of the mysterious Obsidian Order.

From Fig page:
This flag is said to have been flown by a mysterious and rowdy band of seadogs from a far-off land, who dyed their sails black with a stain made from ground-up dragon glass. Dark and intimidating, but somehow attractive, nonetheless

Poe2 ship flag myrlesfen icon.png
Maritime flags declare a ship's origin and allegiance and are used to distinguish friend from foe on the high seas. These are the personal colors of Myrlesfen the Truly Insane, captain of the Ironclad.
Poe2 Ship Flag Backer BlackIsleBastards icon.png
Black Isle Bastards
Maritime flags declare a ship's origin and allegiance and are used to distinguish friend from foe on the high seas. These are the colors of the infamous Black Isle Bastards. Having turned their backs on their family names, these bastards of noble houses sought recognition, fame, and riches in the Deadfire. However, they found only death at the hands of the Watcher.
Poe2 Ship Flag Backer Purple Fox icon.png
Purple Foxes
  • Gained by defeating Ond, leader of the Purple Foxes on his ship The Fortune.
Maritime flags declare a ship's origin and allegiance and are used to distinguish friend from foe on the high seas. These are the colors of the wayward pirates, the Purple Foxes. While they dreamed of returning home to the White That Wends, they met their fate in the Deadfire.
Poe2 Ship Flag Backer Redbeard icon.png
Rafiq Redbeard
Maritime flags declare a ship's origin and allegiance and are used to distinguish friend from foe on the high seas. These are the personal colors of the greedy and tenacious Rafiq Redbeard. Though he survived mutiny and brutal blood sport, he found only demise in the Deadfire.


Name Effect Cost Location Description
Poe2 Ship Standard Helm icon.png
Standard Helm
- Default helm This wooden ship's wheel utilizes a system of ropes and chains to control the position of the rudder, which provides the vessel with basic maneuverability. It takes a talented helmsman to effectively pilot a ship, and this is the tool of their trade.
Poe2 Ship Ymyran Helm icon.png
Ymyran Steel Helm
+5m Combat Speed Copper pands (cp)14,000 Crafted from the finest woods and Ymyran steel, this helm and rudder upgrade increase the maneuverability of any vessel.
Poe2 Ship helm Lurker icon.png
Lurker Helm and Rudder [SWP]
+5m Combat Speed Copper pands (cp)14,000 Traditional wood is a staple of maritime engineering, but some shipwrights have taken to using the bark of vine lurkers whenever possible. The material is flexible, hardy, naturally weatherproofed, and oozes a unique sap that lubricates for easy steering. The only problem is harvesting the raw materials.


Name Effect Cost Location Description
Poe2 Ship Standard Lanterns icon.png
Standard Lanterns
- Default lanterns Lanterns are vital to the crew during night watch, both to provide visibility as well as to prevent collisions with passing ships.
Poe2 Ship Scavenger Lanterns icon.png
Scavenger's Lanterns
+5% Travel Speed Copper pands (cp)4,000 Illicit maritime salvagers often do their business under the cover of darkness. Lanterns such as these focus a modest amount of light in a specific direction, allowing vessels to move stealthily.
Poe2 Ship Arcane Lanterns icon.png
Arcane Lanterns
+10% Travel Speed Copper pands (cp)8,000 Powered by enchanted stones, these lanterns provide ample illumination while sailing at night, providing increased visibility. They require neither flame nor oil, and "burn" with a powerful, cool light.
Poe2 Ship lantern blight icon.png
Blight Lanterns
+10% Travel Speed Copper pands (cp)8,000 An erratic fire leaps violently against the glass of this lantern. Dispensing with the traditional oil and wick of most naval lights, this vessel is actually a small prison containing a single flame blight. Distressed and frustrated, the blight concentrates its escape attempts against the only visible aperture: the window, which makes for a most effective beam to light the way.


Name Effect Cost Location Description
Poe2 Ship Standard Anchor icon.png
Standard Anchor
- Default anchor This common, iron anchor is used to tether a ship to the seabed to prevent it from drifting. Its considerable weight, vital for its task, is a detriment to a vessel's speed but a necessary burden all the same.
Poe2 Ship Ymyran Anchor icon.png
Ymyran Steel Anchor
+5m Combat Speed
+5% Travel Speed
Copper pands (cp)18,000 Crafted from lightweight Ymyran alloys, this anchor lowers the weight of the ship allowing for better speed and maneuverability.
Poe2 Ship anchor living steel icon.png
Living Steel Anchor
+5m Combat Speed
+5% Travel Speed
Copper pands (cp)18,000 Though mundane steel anchors are the maritime standard, those who can afford anchors of living steel are less burdened for using materials infused with soul essence. Ships incorporating living steel are more maneuverable without sacrificing functionality.


These upgrades permanently change the appearance of the ship interior, and otherwise do not serve a functional purpose. Like other upgrades, neither can be applied to the ghost ship or submarine.

Name Cost Location Description
Poe2 item ship captainsquarters icon.png
Captain's Quarters
Copper pands (cp)3,000 Upgrades the cabins of the captain to be more luxurious.
Poe2 item ship menagerie icon.png
Copper pands (cp)3,000 A pen created to house all of the extra pets that can't be taken on adventures.


Triumphs are flags bearing the name and standard of the defeated ship's captain, and are given to the player as a reward for defeating a named enemy ship. While triumphs don't give you any stats or bonuses, they are visible on the rigging of your ship as a reminder of your victories, and serve as as a warning to passers-by. All triumphs are items looted after ship combat, with the exception of the Triumph of Dereo the Lean, which is given to you on completion of The Cornett's Call.


Note: Some images are missing because they are not present in the game files, or are not applicable. Click an image to open a bigger version
Sloop Voyager Dhow Galleon Ghost Junk Submarine Longship
Item icon
Ship Icon Sloop s.png
Ship Icon Voyager s.png
Ship Icon Dhow s.png
Ship Icon Galleon s.png
Ship Icon Ghost s.png
Ship Icon Junk s.png
Ship Icon Submarine s.png
Garage icon
Ic garage sloop.png
Ic garage voyager.png
Ic garage dhow.png
Ic garage galleon.png
Ic garage ghostship.png
Ic garage junk.png
Ic garage submarine.png
Icon ship preview sloop.png
Icon ship preview voyager.png
Icon ship preview dhow.png
Icon ship preview galleon.png
Icon ship preview ghost.png
Icon ship preview junk.png
Icon ship preview sub.png
Ship duel close graphic
SD sloop.png
SD voyager.png
SD dhow.png
SD galleon.png
SD galleon near hulldamage saildamage.png
SD junk.png
RE si open water.png
SD longship.png
Interface top-down view
Ship top sloop.png
Ship top voyager.png
Ship top dhow.png
Ship top galleon.png
Ship top ghostship.png
Ship top junk.png
Ship top sub.png
Ship top longship.png
World map (day)
Ship wm sloop.png
Ship wm voyager.png
Ship wm dhow.png
Ship wm galleon.png
Ship wm ghostship.png
Ship wm junk.png
Ship wm submarine.png
Ship wm longship.png
World map (night)
Ship wm sloop night.png
Ship wm voyager night.png
Ship wm dhow night.png
Ship wm galleon night.png
Ship wm ghostship night.png
Ship wm junk night.png
Ship wm submarine night.png
Ship wm longship night.png
Abovedeck (day)
Ship exterior sloop.png
Ship exterior voyager.png
Ship exterior dhow.png
Ship exterior galleon.png
Ship exterior ghostship.png
Ship exterior junk.png
Ship exterior submarine.png
Ship exterior longship.png
Abovedeck (night)
Ship exterior sloop night.png
Ship exterior voyager night.png
Ship exterior dhow night.png
Ship exterior galleon night.png
Ship exterior ghostship night.png
Ship exterior junk night.png
Ship exterior submarine night.png
Ship exterior longship night.png
Ship interior sloop.png
Ship interior voyager.png
Ship interior dhow.png
Ship interior galleon.png
Ship interior ghostship.png
Ship interior junk.png
Ship interior submarine.png
Captain's quarters
PE2 Sloop Captains Quarters.png
PE2 Voyager Captains Quarters.png
PE2 Dhow Captains Quarters.png
PE2 Galleon Captains Quarters.png
PE2 GhostShip Captains Quarters.png
PE2 Junk Captains Quarters.png
PE2 Submarine Captains Quarters.png
Captain's quarters
PE2 Sloop Captains Quarters upgraded.png
PE2 Voyager Captains Quarters upgraded.png
PE2 Dhow Captains Quarters upgraded.png
PE2 Galleon Captains Quarters upgraded.png
PE2 Junk Captains Quarters upgraded.png

Behind the scenes[]

  • Ship upgrades that don't seem to be used, or were cut from the game include:
    • Fishing Net - perhaps used to gain food for the crew while out at sea.
    • Deep Water Capable - Given to you by Zamar for Copper pands (cp)10,000. Possibly indicating that there were plans to limit travel through deep water, as a precursor to Stranded.
    • Trophies: Similar to triumphs. Examples found in the game files include "Arkemyr's Storybook", "Ship in a Bottle", "Explorer's Globe".