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In response to patch v1. to Pillars of Eternity (June 6, 2024), the random loot tables shown on the wiki have been updated. These changes may take time to propegate.

As a result, random loot data is no longer accurate to old versions of the game, including all console ports. We'll be working to provide a mechanism to switch between pre-patch and post-patch loot for console players.


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Omnibus Cover PoE1 Short story

Cover of the Collected Pillars I Omnibus

On October 26, 2015 Obsidian Entertainment announced the first in a series short stories, written by members of the Pillars of Eternity developer team, that center around events and people in the world of Eora.[1]

These e-books are available for download in different formats from Obsidian's website and/or are part of the game's sequel's funding campaign.

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