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Skaen (SKAYN), known also as the Quiet Slave, is the god of secret hatred, resentment, and violent rebellion.


He is usually depicted as a small, bald man covered in lash scars whose ears and nose have been cut off. He appears outwardly submissive, with downcast eyes. However, his eyes glitter black with quiet hatred, and his fist is clenched. He is known to manifest in a horrific incarnation known as the Effigy to followers desperate enough to perform certain unspeakable rites.


Skean is often associated with uprising, the rebellion of the poor against the rich, and the destruction of oppressive forces.


Those who plot the destruction of their superiors while keeping an impassive face will whisper a prayer to Skaen. Political rebels also call upon him for justice, in the hope that he will intercede on their behalf with Woedica, with whom he is associated. However, Skaen is an unforgiving deity. If a supplicant tips his hand or acts too rashly, the god will abandon them. The same goes for those who actually achieve their ambitions and rise to a higher station – they can no longer count on Skaen for aid.

Followers of Skaen have been known to undertake a ritual in which a follower is terribly disfigured in an attempt to create an Effigy - an unrelenting incarnation of Skaen. During the ritual, a follower is chosen to serve as the Effigy, and is shaved, stripped of identity and gender. They are then scourged bloody, their ears and nose cut off, and their eyes gouged out and replaced with shiny black stones. Finally, they are made to drink the "privileged blood" of a person of wealth or high birth. If the offering is accepted by the god (which it often is not), Skaen will manifest in the effigy, becoming an unstoppable force of terror. The Effigy will stop at nothing until the target's oppressors are slain (usually in a gruesome manner), after which the Effigy falls dead.

Understandably, the worship of Skaen is forbidden in some nations, particularly those with large populations of impoverished peasants. In the Dyrwood, Skaen's faithful often double as torturers and executioners, delighting in the fall of high-status prisoners.[1] In these professions, followers of Skaen and their "eccentricities" are tolerated - even encouraged - as long as they follow orders and do their jobs.

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Pillars of Eternity[]

  • Skaen is unseen for most of the game, but his cultists are, especially at Dyrford. He appears near the end game, interceding on Woedica's behalf and suggesting empowering her.
  • Effigy's Resentment - The Watcher can sacrifice a companion to the blood pool to gain a talent. This carries over to Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

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