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Skeleton Crew is a task in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


The Defiant has been launched from the beach at Port Maje Island, but it still requires attention and proper repairs. However, to reach Neketaka intact, you need something more than just timber and nails. You need a crew.


  • This is a simple tutorial quest that introduces the concept of hiring crew and managing them. It is started upon completion of Stranded, after your ship sets sail from Vilario's Rest.
  • To complete it, sail to Port Maje and hire enough crew members via the supply interface (or via Thorel in The Kraken's Eye) to have at least five sailors. Most of the crew members at Port Maje can be hired for free.
  • Completing the quest Helping Hands will get you 4 of the 5 crew members required (assuming you saved Chitupec).


ID Objectives
0 Skeleton Crew
10000 The Defiant is ready to head back out to sea, but much of its crew is either missing or dead after the storm. I'll need to hire on more sailors to safely handle the dangers of the open sea.
1 Hire five crew members for your ship.
10001 Five crew members ought to be just enough to keep the Defiant sailing for now.

I can find sailors seeking employment by speaking to tavernkeepers in any port town.

20000 Port Maje's harbor is due north of the beach, and makes a convenient place at which to resupply.
20001 One sailor down, four more to go.
20002 I should recruit three more sailors.
20003 I've got three sailors and need two more.
20004 I only need one more sailor.
End states
Yes 30000 I've recruited enough sailors to make running my ship reasonably efficient.