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A Skuldrak is a wilder in Pillars of Eternity. They are resistant to Crush and Corrode damage, but are vulnerable to Burn damage.


Though superficially similar to the cavern-dwelling skuldr, skuldrak are found in colder climes, and typically at much higher altitudes. They boast considerably better eyesight, but are still most effective as scavengers or ambush hunters. While the skin flaps beneath skuldr forelimbs are entirely vestigial at all ages, young skuldrak have fully functional wings. These wings are capable of sustaining their body weight at first, but once skuldrak mature, they can only glide for short periods of time.

Like their hairless cousins, skuldrak are communal, and nest and raise their young together. Their close-knit communities depend upon such bonds in order to survive the harsh climate.


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The journal entry listed above is not from the game, as it lists the wrong one, for Skuldrs. The correct description is contained in the game files.