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Solace is a Pargrunen keep and settlement of aptapo mountain dwarves in the region of Galawain's Tusks, in the Living Lands. It is the second oldest of the three major communities of Pargrunen in Eora.

Background[ | ]

We plant ourselves in a strange and wild land but remember well our roots. Though we are distant, know us still as kin.
~ A stone tablet chiseled by Living Lands aptapo, found in Durgan's Battery

The Pargrunen, as a people of exploration and craft, have settled in the far corners of known Eora, building great structures in the earth of stone and steel. Solace, an example of such a structure, stands defiant against the elements outside, its drawbridge perpetually raised over a churning pool of molten rock. Within its cavernous halls thrives a bustling settlement of dwarven miners, smiths, and brewers.

Solace is one of three known permanent communities of Pargrunen decendants in Eora. Behind the oldest fortress in Old Vailia, the now-destroyed Durgan's Battery in White March, and ahead of the newest in Rauatai, the settlement is the second oldest currently-active colony.

Points of interest[ | ]

Behind the scenes[ | ]

  • While not named directly, Solace is mentioned in a stone tablet in the The Foundry of Durgan's Battery, in The White March - Part I, and in the globe interaction where it's location is described as being "...beneath the rippling ridge of a mountain".
  • In the context of Avowed, Solace was first mentioned in the Marius Cosplay Guide as Marius's birthplace, published on June 18, 2024.[1]

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