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Something Secret is a task in Pillars of Eternity.


Gordy, a kid in Copperlane, desperately wants a march steel dagger, which is only forged by the Crucible Knights and given within their order. He can tell you all about how march steel is forged and how awesome it is, if you want to hear it! If you bring him the dagger, he'll tell you about a secret place where you might find treasure.


  1. Talk to Gordy. He is standing in front of a white building east of the entrance to the Copperlane Catacombs. He tells you that he wants a march steel dagger, which can be found on a merchant at the market square over near the expedition hall. In exchange, he will tell you about a secret hiding place.
    • With Resolve 12 (minor Deceptive), you can lie to Gordy and tell him you'll can get him a Crucible Knights dagger if he tells you the secret.
    • With Might 12 (minor Aggressive), you can grab him by the shirt and force him to tell you. This results in minor negative reputation with Defiance Bay, and elicits a number of negative reactions from your companions.
  2. Head over to the market square and talk to Igrun. He tells you he already sold the dagger and you might try the adventurers hanging out in the Goose and Fox tavern. If you have 12 Intellect, you can challenge him about the legality of the sale. Choosing the Clever follow-up response to his answer will net you a 5% discount at his store.
  3. The adventurers are on the second floor of the Goose and Fox. Talk to Two-Tone Weaxel, and you can offer to buy the dagger for Copper pands (cp)100. Depending on your Resolve (14) or Intellect (12), you can get a better deal of Copper pands (cp)50. You can also kill them for the dagger.
  4. Return to Gordy and give him the dagger, he will tell you about a loose stone where the actors hide stuff near the theater.
    • At this point you can also lie to him (Deceptive), which results in you gaining the location of the secret without giving him the dagger.
    • If you have 4 Survival, you can teach Gordy how to be careful in handling the dagger, which he will keep in mind.
    • If you've already found the hiding spot, some new, humorous dialogue options can be selected after returning the dagger to Gordy.


  • March Steel Dagger if you trick Gordy, or never give it back to him.
  • The secret hiding place is located at the east side of the theater on the floor. (You may have to enter scouting mode in order to find it.) and has an Oaken Scarab Figurine, a couple of gems and some liquor in it. You don't actually have to do this quest to find the hiding place, and Gordy has no idea if you've been there already or not.


  • Several party members may make jokes about the kid's ambitions or just how bad of an idea giving him a sharp instrument might be. See Gordy#Companion reactivity for more.
  • You can also ask the other merchants at the market square about the dagger, but most of them just point to Igrun and it's completely optional
  • If you gave Gordy the dagger, he will later reappear in the same place with Hamor, his father. Hamor scolds Gordy, assuming he stole the dagger, but Gordy will point you out and say you traded the blade to him. You may either admit this or lie and claim you have never seen the boy before (this choice can affect your Disposition but there are no other effects).
  • If you didn't teach Gordy how to be careful in handling the dagger, town criers will later report the tragic accident of a young boy who lost several fingers while playing with a blade.


ID Objectives
0 Something Secret
10000 Gordy, a child in Copperlane, told me he knows of a place where people hide "really special things." He said he'd show it to me if I get him a March steel dagger.
4 Find the March steel dagger.
10004 Gordy told me that a merchant selling weaponry near the expedition hall has the dagger.
20000 Igrun, a weapon and armor merchant, told me that he already sold the dagger to a band of adventurers. He guessed that they were headed to the Goose and Fox, a tavern in Copperlane.
20001 Weaxel is an orlan adventurer visiting the Goose and Fox in Copperlane. He admitted to buying the dagger from Igrun.
6 Return to Gordy in Copperlane.
10006 I got the March steel dagger from Weaxel. Gordy's looking forward to getting it, and I'm looking forward to hearing this big secret of his.
End states
Yes Gordy has his Dagger
30000 Gordy and I made a fair trade. I gave him his dagger, and he told me about the loose brick by the theater.
Yes Gordy has been Trained
30001 I gave the dagger to Gordy, but I taught him to handle it safely. He agreed to be careful with it, and he told me about a loose brick by the theater.
Yes Threatened Gordy
30002 I taught that brat a lesson. He told me about the loose brick by the theater.
Yes Tricked Gordy
30003 I tricked Gordy into believing I'd get him a dagger from the Knights of the Crucible, and he spilled his secret. There's a loose brick by the theater.
Yes Tricked Gordy But Got Dagger Anyway
30004 I tricked Gordy into telling me about the loose brick by the theater, but I got him a dagger anyway.
No Gordy dead
30005 Gordy won't be needing anything now that he's dead.