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"The 'self' is little more than an amalgamation of memory and feeling that informs the disposition of the soul - it doesn't alone define it.
~ Aloth

A soul is an energy that can bind to an individual. When an individual dies, that energy moves forward in the eternal cycle of reincarnation, known as The Wheel.[1] Any damage to the underlying link, up to and including total separation, can manifest as a number of soul-related maladies. Much of how souls "work" is currently not well understood by kith.

Essence[ | ]

See: Magic

Souls are comprised of soul essence (sometimes referred to as "soul energy" or "spiritual power")[2], a power that can exist in places other than souls. For example, wizard grimoires hold fragments of ambient soul energy. Druids and priests power their spells by "draw[ing] ambient fragments of soul energy toward them".[3] This is a natural power that flows through Eora.[4] Strong concentrations of essence (such as soul fragments) can manifest into Blights.

Reincarnation[ | ]

Main article: The Wheel

When an individual dies, their soul moves forward into the In-Between, which is a shadow world where souls wander after death. Using pillars of adra, souls then enter a place known as The Beyond, the realm of the gods, before they are reincarnated back into the world.[5] Most times this process takes several years, but it can also be very brief, with a soul reincarnating immediately.[1]

If a soul fails to reach an adra pillar, or is barred from entering one, they continue to roam unseen to the living in the In-Between. These are known as "lost souls." Watchers can see and interact with these souls.[6]

Souls are assigned to new births via a soul lottery, although sometimes the gods will intervene directly.[7]

Lost Souls[ | ]

Lost souls are “unhoused” souls (i.e. not contained in a physical vessel) that have not moved into the Beyond. A lost soul may retain awareness and memory, or it may be badly fractured. To each other, or to a Watcher, they can take the appearance of the physical form that housed it in life, or they can appear as a formless volume of pure essence. They are completely invisible and undetectable to ordinary mortals, and mortals are completely invisible and undetectable to them. Lost souls navigate the world via living adra, which acts as a beacon to them, and via Watchers, who passively illuminate the world to lost souls.[8]

Soul maladies and damage[ | ]

There are several ways souls may become damaged or missing. It may be caused during reincarnation or by external forces.

  1. Hollowborn - A child born without a soul.
  2. Soul twins - When a soul is split between one (or more) individuals.[9]
  3. Fragmented souls - When a soul is shattered by external forces. For example, the Godhammer Bomb damaged Durance's soul.
  4. Bîaŵac - A storm unique to Eir Glanfath that can shear souls from their owners.
  5. Entropy - A soul can shed a small portion of its essence when traveling through The Wheel.
  6. Awakened - An individual with an awakened soul either has memories from a past life or an entire past-life personality emerged in the present day.[10]

Manipulation and study[ | ]

The Engwithans, an ancient civilization, learned how to manipulate souls and tamed The Wheel[11], however most of their knowledge has been lost.

Within the past several hundred years, the study of Animancy has emerged as a means to understand the soul. The practice is controversial after several failed experiments, and many kith believe souls are the realm of the gods.[12] Animancers were heavily involved in seeking a cure for the hollowborn crisis known as Waidwen's Legacy. They attached the souls of animals to hollowborn children with varying success. Following the War of Black Trees, animancers learned that some old and large trees in Eir Glanfath have souls.[13][14]

Necromancy differs from animancy in that it aims to disrupt the natural cycle of life and death. For example, binding soul energy or a full soul to a dead body, such as a lich. Depending on the culture, these acts are viewed with differing levels of criticism. Some opposed to necromancy believe that mortal understanding should have limits and they fear the consequences for the world should those limits be unraveled.[15]

Ciphers, also known as mind hunters, are individuals who posses the talent to manipulate the souls of others. The practice originated among the Glanfathan.


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