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  • icon - File
  • description - Wikitext
  • added_in - String
  • type - Page
  • category - String
  • req_level - Integer
  • req_anvils - Integer
  • white_forge - Binary
  • ingredient1_amount - Integer
  • ingredient1_item - Page
  • ingredient2_amount - Integer
  • ingredient2_item - Page
  • ingredient3_amount - Integer
  • ingredient3_item - Page
  • copper_cost - Integer
  • effects - List of Wikitext, delimiter: ;
  • internalname - String

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Page name icon description added in type category req level req anvils white forge ingredient1 amount ingredient1 item ingredient2 amount ingredient2 item ingredient3 amount ingredient3 item copper cost effects internalname
Accurate (Deadfire) Accurate poe2 Unique

+5 Accuracy

Accurate 1 Accurate 1 poe1 Weapon Quality 1 1 no 1 Settler's Arrow 1 Turquoise 1 Xaurip Tongue 100

+4 Accuracy

Accurate 2 Accurate 2 poe1 Weapon Quality 3 2 no 1 Settler's Arrow 1 Topaz 1 Drake Talon 300

+8 Accuracy

Accurate 3 Accurate 3 poe1 Unique 3

+12 Accuracy

+15% Damage

Accurate 4 Accurate 4 poe1 Unique 4

+15 Accuracy

+15% Damage

Accurate 6 Accurate 6 poe1 Unique 4

+21 Accuracy

+30% Damage

Accurate Armor 1 Accurate Armor 1 poe1 Unique 1

+3 Accuracy

Accurate Armor 2 Accurate Armor 2 poe1 Unique 2

+5 Accuracy

Acid Repulsion Acid Repulsion poe2 Unique

+1 Corrode Armor Rating

Adamant Adamant wm2 Unique 0

+15% armor Damage Reduction (DR) when Endurance below 26%

Adrenaline Rush (enchantment) Adrenaline Rush poe2 Unique

Grants Adrenaline Rush (Self: +20% Action Speed, Weakened for 15.0 sec) (1 per rest)

Against Claw and Horn Against Claw and Horn poe2 Unique

+10 Accuracy against Beasts

Against the Tide Against the Tide poe2 Unique

+1 Athletics

Airtight Airtight wm2 Unique Affliction defense 2

+20 Defenses against Poison attacks

+35 Defenses against Dragon Breath attacks

Alchemist's Cache Alchemist& poe2 Unique

+2 Alchemy. Summons a random potion into an empty Quick Slot on combat start

All Seasons All Seasons poe2 Unique

+2 Burn Armor Rating, +2 Freeze Armor Rating

Alpha Wolf Alpha Wolf poe2 Unique

Charms nearby beasts for 15.0 sec on killing another beast

Always Armed Always Armed poe2 Unique

+10% Damage dealt as Pierce with Unarmed attacks

Ambushing Ambushing wm1 Unique 1

+25% Damage against targets that qualify for Sneak Attack

Ambushing (Deadfire) Ambushing poe2 Unique

+10% Damage to Flanked targets (Increases with Stealth skill)

Amenity Amenity poe1 Unique Defense bonus 1

+5 All Defenses

Amplified Whip Amplified Whip wm2 Unique Class ability 2

+3 Focus on Hit

Amra (enchantment) Amra poe2 Unique

Requires 2 hands to wield, but deals increased damage.

Anatomist Anatomist poe2 Unique

+10% Healing done, 5% of Hits converted to Crits with weapons

Animated Animated poe2 Unique

+1 enemies Engaged

Annihilation Annihilation poe1 Unique 2

+0.5 to Crit damage multiplier

Annihilation (Deadfire) Annihilation poe2 Unique

+10% Crit damage

Arcane Calamity (enchantment) Arcane Calamity poe2 Unique

Grants Arcane Calamity: The Wizard quickly spins through the pages of the Grimoire, casting a series of random spells at the target.

Arcane Interference Arcane Interference poe2 Unique

15% Resistance against Evocation / Conjuration / Illusion attacks

Arcing Blows Arcing Blows poe2 Weapon bonus

10% of Grazes converted to Hits

Aristocrat Aristocrat wm2 Unique Skill bonus 1

+3 Lore

Armor Piercing Armor Piercing poe2 Unique

+1 Penetration

Articulated Articulated poe2 Unique

-10% Recovery Time

Artificer's Precision Artificer& poe2 Unique

+2 Dexterity, +2 Explosives

Ashes and Dust Ashes and Dust poe2 Unique

+10 Accuracy against Vessels

Aspect of the Boar (enchantment) Aspect of the Boar lax1 Unique

Grants Aspect of the Boar (When knocked unconscious, the wearer channels the spirit of the Boar, reviving and removing all Injuries.) 1 per rest.

Aspect of the Spider Aspect of the Spider lax1 Unique

5 Raw damage per 3.0 sec for 8.0 sec on scoring Hit against targets affected by Body Affliction / Mind Affliction effects

Aspect of the Stelgaer Aspect of the Stelgaer lax1 Unique

Restores 15 Health on scoring Kill

Deals Raw Damage to nearby enemies on scoring Kill

At Blade's Reach At Blade& poe2 Unique

-20% Melee Damage Received for 2.0 sec on launching attack

At the Ready At the Ready poe2 Unique

Cannot be Flanked

Athletic Athletic poe1 Unique Skill bonus 1

+2 Athletics

Attack and Reload 1 Attack and Reload 1 dp Weapon 4

+25% Attack Speed, -25% Reload Speed

Attack and Reload 2 Attack and Reload 2 dp Weapon 4

+50% Attack Speed, -50% Reload Speed

Attuned Channel Attuned Channel poe2 Unique

After Empowering an ability, gain +3 Power Level for 20.0 sec

Aura of Stealth Aura of Stealth poe1 Unique Skill bonus 2

Friendly Aura (5m): +1 Stealth

Aura of the Hunt Aura of the Hunt wm2 Unique Slaying 2

Friendly Aura (3m): +15 Accuracy against Beasts

Aura of Wreathing Flame Aura of Wreathing Flame poe1 Unique Spellbind 1

Friendly Aura: Grants Wreathing Flame (3 per rest)

Authority Authority poe2 Unique

+1 Intellect to self, +5 Will against Mind Affliction attacks to allies in 5m radius

Bad Dog Bad Dog poe2 Unique

10% chance to deal Pierce Damage to self or nearby ally on launching attack

Balance in All Things Balance in All Things laxd Unique

Deal +10% Damage against enemies above 50% health, Enemies deal +10% Damage against the wearer while above 50% health.

Ball Lightning (enchantment) Ball Lightning poe2 Unique

Grants Ball Lightning (1 per rest)

Banishing Banishing poe1 Unique Slaying 1

+10 Accuracy against Spirits

Barbed Barbed poe2 Unique

5% of Hits converted to Crits, +10% Crit damage

Bashing 1 Bashing 1 poe1 Unique 1

Attacks with shield for 6-9 Crush damage

Bashing 2 Bashing 2 poe1 Unique 2

Attacks with shield for 8-12 Crush damage

Bashing 3 Bashing 3 wm2 Unique 3

Attacks with shield for 10-15 Crush damage

Bashing 4 Bashing 4 wm2 Unique 4

Attacks with shield for 13-18 Crush damage

Battle Awareness Battle Awareness poe2 Unique

Incoming Melee attacks that target Deflection and Miss have a 10% chance of allowing an instant Primary Attack Riposte

Battle Roamer Battle Roamer poe2 Unique

20% of incoming Hits converted to Grazes when there are no allies within 4m, +5 Deflection while within 4m of an ally

Beast Hunter Beast Hunter wm1 Unique Slaying 1

+6 Accuracy against Beasts

Beast of Winter (enchantment) Beast of Winter bow Unique

Walking leaves behind an icy patch that Hobbles enemies in combat. (-5 Dexterity, Cannot run)

Beast's Cunning Beast& poe2 Unique

+1 Perception, Resistance to Resolve afflictions

Beasts Imagined Beasts Imagined poe2 Unique

Hits with this weapon have an 5% chance to cast Form of the Helpless Beast on their target

Belled Belled laxd Unique

-1 Stealth

Bend the Will Bend the Will poe2 Unique

Shaken attack on Kith or Wilder on scoring Crit

Best Part of Waking Up Best Part of Waking Up poe2 Unique

Grants the effects of Whiteleaf after a Rest (+1 Concentration, +10 Will, +1 Health Restored per 3.0 sec)

Better Part of Valor Better Part of Valor poe2 Unique

+25 Deflection against Disengagement attacks

Binding Binding poe1 Unique 1

Characters hitting Self: Stuck for 3 seconds

Biting Cuts Biting Cuts poe2 Unique

-1 Armor Rating for 10.0 sec on Critical Hit

Black Glass Black Glass poe2 Unique

+1 Penetration against Vessel targets

Blackened Core Blackened Core poe2 Unique

+2 Corrode Armor Rating

Blade-Biting Blade-Biting poe2 Unique

+5% Recovery Time on attacker (stacks 3 times) for 20.0 sec when critically hit with Melee weapons

Blessed by the Void Blessed by the Void bow Unique

25% chance to apply a random Tier 1 Affliction to a nearby enemy after being Hit by an Affliction

Blessed in Spirit Blessed in Spirit poe2 Unique

Ability triggers when wearer falls to 75% Health. Grants Spirit Shield

Blighted Shot (enchantment) Blighted Shot poe2 Unique

Grants Blighted Shot (1 per encounter)

Bliss Bliss laxd Unique

Resistance to Perception, Intelligence, and Resolve afflictions

Blood Gift Blood Gift poe2 Unique

+5 Health Restored per 3.0s for 6.0 sec on Critical Hit with Great Sword attacks

Blood Price Blood Price poe2 Unique

Grants Blood Price

Blood Rage Blood Rage poe2 Unique

+10 Accuracy and +10% weapon Damage when below 50% Health

Bloodfire Bloodfire poe2 Unique

While Injured, Burn damage heals for 10% instead of dealing damage.

Bloodthirst Bloodthirst wm1 Unique Spellslaying 4

+3 Might for +20 sec per kill

+5 Damage Reduction (DR) (Corrode, Burn, Freeze, Shock) for +20 sec per kill

-5 Deflection for +20 sec per kill

Bloody Slash Bloody Slash poe2 Unique

Critical Hits with this weapon have a 33% chance to launch a Cone AoE towards the target

Blunt Rock Blunt Rock poe2 Unique

-1 Crush Armor Rating on Critical Hit

Blunted Criticals Blunted Criticals poe2 Weapon

-15% Crit damage

Boar's Charge (enchantment) Boar& lax1 Unique

Grants Boar's Charge (The wielder draws his head back and headbutts an enemy. The enemy takes significant Crush Damage and is Stunned.) 1 per rest.

Boar's Determination Boar& lax1 Unique

On missed: 30% chance to apply Fit for 8.0 sec

Boar's Endurance Boar& poe2 Unique

When Bloodied (25-50% health): +10 Health Restored per 1.0 sec for 5.0 sec (1 per encounter)

Boar's Squeal Boar& lax1 Unique

50% chance to cause Distracted to nearby enemies for 6.0 sec after using a Chanter Invocation

Boar's Strength Boar& lax1 Unique

20% chance to gain Strong for 10.0 sec each time the wearer scores a Hit while Spiritshifted

Boar's Stubbornness Boar& lax1 Unique

Hardy for 10 seconds when hit with Mind affliction attacks.

Bodyguard (enchantment) Bodyguard poe2 Unique

+15% Damage taken to wearer, -10% Damage taken by allies in 2.5m radius

Boil Over Boil Over poe2 Unique

10% chance to cast Boiling Spray at enemy when wearer is Critically Hit in melee

Bold In Danger Bold In Danger poe2 Unique

20% chance to cast Steadfast (+5 Resolve) for 8.0 sec when critically hit.

Bolting Strikes Bolting Strikes poe2 Unique

10% Chance on Hit with weapons to activate Lightning Strikes

Bonus Crit Chance Bonus Crit Chance poe2 Unique

10% of Hits converted to Crits

Bonus Crit Damage (Deadfire) Bonus Crit Damage poe2 Weapon

+20% Crit damage

Bonus Melee Damage from Wounds Bonus Melee Damage from Wounds poe1 Unique Class ability 1

+2% Raw Damage per Wound

Bonus Ranged Damage Bonus Ranged Damage poe1 Unique 3

+10% ranged Damage

Boon of Favor Boon of Favor poe2 Unique

+10% beneficial effect duration

Bound Blights Bound Blights poe2 Unique

+1 All Acid, Electricity, Fire, and Frost Power Levels.