Pillars of Eternity Wiki

Speed 20 is a unique enchantment in Pillars of Eternity.

It cannot be applied to items, but the enchantment can be found on unique equipment throughout Eora.


Items with Speed 20 enchantment[]

Icon Name Item type Enchantments
Estoc endless paths icon.png Blade of the Endless Paths Estoc
Citzals spirit lance icon.png Citzal's Spirit Lance (item) Pike
Spear danulya icon.png Danulya Spear
Sceptre engwithan scepter icon.png Engwithan Scepter Scepter
Pistol backer forgiveness icon.png Forgiveness Pistol
Arbalest hold wall icon.png Hold-Wall Arbalest
Sword last blade of the white forge icon.png Last Blade of the White Forge Sword
Quarterstaff llawrans stick icon.png Llawran's Stick Quarterstaff
Dagger march steel icon.png March Steel Dagger Dagger
Rod pretty prettys rib icon.png Pretty Pretty's Rib Rod
Hatchet reghar konnek icon.png Rêghar Konnek Hatchet
Battle axe rimecutter icon.png Rimecutter Battle axe
War hammer strike hard icon.png Strike Hard War hammer
Rapier of daenysis icon.png Sword of Daenysis Rapier
War bow the rain of godagh field icon.png The Rain of Godagh Field War bow
Flail backer unforgiven icon.png Unforgiven Flail
Crossbow wendgar icon.png Wendgär Crossbow
Unlabored blade lvl5 icon.png The Unlabored Blade [WM2]