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Spun Terrace is a location in The Forgotten Sanctum.


The top level of collections, occupied by its wardens, the vithrack, the terrace is a treacherous collection of platforms perched high above the lower floors of the Halls Obscured, overseen by Sissak, its warden.

The vithrak in this area may be made allies by talking to Sissak with the Warden Contract quest item and/or succeeding on a 15+ Metaphysics (there are also 18+ History and 13 Streetwise option) dialog check. This frees the vithrak in the entire sanctum from their bondage, allowing the party to walk freely through their areas.

Points of interest[]

  • This sizable arena is not for the faint of heart - or those afraid of spiders. Vithrack brutes, luminaries, and regular spiders prowl the area, with the main point of interest being the giant, cocoon-like structure to the northwest, which is the home of the vithrack warden. To the west lie the Confiscated Sundries, which include a wealth of loot and a soulbound light armor.
  • To the southwest lies the Spider Hatchery which is trapped, but includes Recipe - Entrancing Daze that can be given to Drowsy Puke to unlock another resting option.
  • The southeast includes the Giftwrapper spider pet for collection and Vithrack Silk Slippers. If you deal with Sissak peacefully, a vithrack vendor will be available here after the confrontation.



Sissak's Nest