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Weapons and shields grant bonuses that stack with bonuses from other item types.
~ Pillars of Eternity loading screen hint

Stacking rules govern how multiple bonuses or penalties for the same stat are applied in Pillars of Eternity.


For the exact same stat, a character can simultaneously benefit from...

Pillars of Eternity Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire category sources of bonuses in this category
any number of bonuses from any number of bonuses from weapons
  • weapon properties
  • weapon enchantments
  • shield enchantments
  • fighting style (single vs dual vs shield)
one bonus from any number of bonuses from equipment
  • equipped items other than weapons and armor (including armor enchantments)
any number of bonuses from any number of bonuses from passive sources
  • passive abilities/talents
  • inn resting bonuses (Note: No way to get more than one set at the same time)
  • prostitute boons (Note: No way to get more than one set at the same time; protagonist only)
one bonus from one bonus from active/modal sources
  • modal abilities
  • active abilities (including spells, powers, invocations)
  • consumable items (food, potions, scrolls, rites)

Penalties (negative bonuses) are tallied up according to the same rules, completely independently from bonuses - so you could have both a bonus and a penalty from active/modal effects for the same stat.

Suppressed effects[]

When a character is affected by multiple non-stacking bonuses for the same stat, only the highest of them is applied, and the rest are suppressed. Their durations still run their course though - when the duration of the highest one runs out, its place is taken by the next highest one that hasn't run out yet.

Note that only the specific bonus in question on the specific character in question is suppressed, not the whole source (e.g. ability/talent) that it came from. If one source causes multiple bonuses for different stats, some of them can be suppressed while others are active - and if it causes a bonus for the same stat on different characters, it can be suppressed on some of them but active on others.

Again, the same goes for penalties.

Equipment in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire[]

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire treats equipment bonus as a passive effect and allows stacking. Effects that modify the character's stats and defenses are stacked additively and will not be suppressed.

Effective Stacking of Status Effect Penalties/Bonuses[]

Status Effects are active abilities that modify a character's attributes, defenses and combat stats. While status effects that modify the same defense or combat stat directly do not stack, it is possible to stack penalties/bonuses on a given defense indirectly, by affecting the governing attributes. Additionally, differently-named bonuses do stack (ex. "+5 to ''All'' Defenses" is not the same as "+10 Will"). Below is a list of Status Effects that stack on each other to provide a high bonus to a defense (Will chosen at random):

  • Holy Meditation is the base spell we use to boost Will defense by +15. It affects will directly and will suppress all other spells that have the same effect.
  • Circle of Protection provides a +15 bonus to all defenses. Since the bonus is not Will defense specifically, it will stack with all other bonuses.
  • Finally, Crowns for the Faithful grants +25 direct bonus to Resolve. It does not suppress active effects that provide bonus to Will, but indirectly grants +50 bonus to Will (2 Will per point of Resolve).

In the end, combining those 3 spells will provide a total (stacked) bonus of +80 to Will.


Multiple stacking percentage bonuses/penalties are added together before they're applied.

For example if you have a 30% bonus and a 50% bonus for the same stat (from stacking sources), the stat in question would be increased to:

   value = base × (1 + 0.3 + 0.5) = base × 1.8

and not

   value = base × 1.3 × 1.5 = base × 1.95