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The Stalwart Mines are a location in The White March - Part II, reopened and accessible at the start of the expansion.


Once closed, the Stalwart mines have been reopened following the unlocking of Durgan's Battery. Under Foreman Ismey's control, they are trying to provide the necessary raw materials for the forge to work, to avoid having to rely on imports. Since it's the only game in town too, the Foreman and her miners have big shoes to fill.

Points of interest[]

  • This is a large area, filled with winding corridors. You are greeted by a cutscene where Gamel, a murder suspect (see Whispers in the Dark) is carted off and Foreman Ismey immediately approaches you. After talking to you, she moves to her office in the corridor to the left, where the hapless miner is also bound.
  • The western corridors of the mine are filled with miners. However, move to the northwest and you will be joined by a war party of xaurips looking to put the hurt on people. Further up the mine shaft is a confused miner muttering something about crystals. The tunnel terminates in a cave-in with Teryc egging his miners on. Boots of Stability can be found in a nearby barrel.
  • Moving east from Sameth's body, you enter the sulfur mines. The second group of xaurips has a tame Ice Troll and ambushes you on the bridge east of Sameth's body. It's advisable to withdraw from the bridge, making use of the bottleneck and forcing the skirmishers and Xaurip Trollmaster on the high ledge to come to you. Past the bridge is a spider infested tunnel system containing Crystal Eater Spiders and Moon Spiders. The upper ledge leads to a dead end with a dead miner and a note.
  • Past the spiders is another group of miners, all but one of whom are completely incoherent. There's a contract of sale in the chest.
  • Cillan, in the sulfur deposits to the left, has a few flesh constructs under her command. Entering the room will start a conversation, which seems normal enough until you try to break it off. With 17 Resolve you can free her from being controlled, which knocks her out, or with 18 Might you can skip the middleman and punch her lights out. Either method saves her life, otherwise you'll have to kill her. You'll have to destroy the constructs either way.
  • There's an entrance to some spider tunnels at the back of the room, which results in a scripted interaction. The quickest way through the tunnels is to keep turning left, using a hammer and chisel to clear the obstruction. However, there is a treasure hidden in here, Comtessa's Gage found by turning right, right, lighting a torch, forward and right again. From the treasure, keep turning right to exit to the luminescent caves.




Notable loot[]


Note: For a complete list of random loot found in Stalwart Mines, see here.