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Stalwart is a small village in the White March next to Durgan's Battery. It's the first location you can visit in The White March - Part I.

Background[ | ]

A former mining colony established in the White March by the Aedyr Empire, to supply ore to the empire. As long as the colonial presence remained in the Eastern Reach, the village saw a reliable amount of traffic from both sides of the March.[1]

Stalwart has experienced difficulties in recent times due to the closure of the mines after the Aedyr Empire pulled out of the Eastern Reach.[1] With no proper economy to anchor it in place, the village is facing oblivion. Each month more and more people leave, due to a lack of work or supplies necessary to sustain them. The combination of a particularly cold season that affected elk populations across the March and the aggression on part of the ogre clans and wolves are the primary reasons behind the recent difficulties.[2]

To avoid that fate, Renengild, the mayor of the village has decided to reawaken the White Forge of Durgan's Battery and establish Stalwart as the sole supplier of Durgan steel or an approximation thereof. She contacts The Watcher for assistance after the first dozen attempts fail, as the village came under attack from an Ogre tribe, seemingly in retaliation for attempts to access the Battery.[3] Although numerous adventuring parties have been trying to batter down the doors into the battery for over a year, none succeeded.[1]

Once The White March - Part I is completed

Stalwart is reinvigorated by the opening of Durgan's Battery and the influx of people and money into the town. Having completed her mission, Renengild stepped down as mayor, allowing the younger generation to take over. Houses ruined in the ogre attack have been torn down, replaced with yurts, while the Temple of Ondra has been rededicated to Abydon, in accordance with the Battery. The mines have also been opened, providing the Battery with a fresh source of ore for the Forges.

However, the influx of newcomers interested in making a life for themselves has caused tensions across the town, as old-time Stalwart residents are aggravated by the fact that newcomers are taking the best jobs, refuse to pay respects to Ondra, and overcrowd the town.

Points of interest[ | ]

The White March - Part I
  • You enter the village as it is attacked by a war party of crag ogres. To properly meet the denizens, you need to find Darzir, the leader of the ogres, and turn him into kibble.
  • After the attack, the hut to the west is on fire. You can interact with it for a chance to save two villagers. See Durgan's Battery for details.
  • To the southwest, just next to the fishery, a villager runs away from a basket full of fish. Interact with it to meet Zahua, one of two companions available in the snowy wastes.
  • To the southeast is the Temple of Ondra. Approaching it will trigger a short cutscene with Ista and Okrun.
  • Yduran and his merchant cart is near the entrance to the village. Just a short way north is Thyrsc's House.
The White March - Part II
  • The village inherits much of its layout from the previous expansion, as expected. The notable changes are that the Temple of Ondra is replaced by the Temple of Abydon, the ruined houses are replaced with yurts, with the northern of the two becoming Hamond's Emporium, and that the Stalwart Mines in the northeastern corner are reopened.
  • As you enter the village, you are automatically caught in a cutscene, with Deryan calling upon the people of Stalwart to confront the Iron Flail, a Readceran army massing outside the town. They are, obviously skeptical.

Characters[ | ]

Note: Exterior only

Related quests[ | ]

Main quests[ | ]

Side quests[ | ]

Tasks[ | ]

Enemies[ | ]

Note: On your first visit to Stalwart, you'll encounter several enemies during their attack.

Loot[ | ]

Note: For a complete list of random loot found in Stalwart Village, see here.
Crate (temple docks):
Crate (fishery east):
Barrel (fishery dock):
Barrel (fishery west):
Barrel (southwest hut):
Barrel (southwest water):
Charred Remains (Hidden, Difficulty 10):
Crate (northwest):
Rat Nest (Hidden, Difficulty 3):
Barrel (Thyrsc's House):
Barrel (northeast):

Plants[ | ]

Note: All plants are located in the exterior area.

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