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Disambig.png This article is about status effects in Pillars of Eternity. For status effects in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, see Status effects (Deadfire).

Status effects are abnormal states that may have positive or negative effects on party members' or creatures' attributes or actions. They can be gained from spells, potions, items, enemies, traps, etc. and can be healed by resting, certain ability/spells, or will heal automatically after some time.


There is a fairly big list of defined "afflictions" and the penalties they apply. The status effect and the damage of an attack will be checked separately. Some attacks simply have two separate components that succeed or fail independently of each other, but others will be "2-stage": if the main attack at least scores a graze, the second attack will occur separately (and often against a separate defense).[1][2]

Affliction Penalties Caused by
Cause Condition Target defense
Blinded Blinded Cipher Eyestrike Fortitude Fortitude
Druid Sunbeam Reflex Reflex
Priest Searing Seal Will Will
Rogue Blinding Strike Reflex Reflex
Wizard Chill Fog Fortitude Fortitude
Curse of Blackened Sight Will Will
Bonded Grief Bonded Grief Combat Applied to the ranger if their animal companion is knocked unconscious (and vice versa). auto
Charmed Charmed Chanter The Lover Cried out to the Beloved, "I am Yours!" Will Will
Cipher Ringleader Will Will
Whisper of Treason Will Will
Druid Charm Beast Will Will
Confused Confused

Every 6 seconds the afflicted randomly starts to:

  • attack their allies
  • behave normally
  • do nothing
  • move into a random direction
Cipher Mind Plague Will Will
Tenuous Grasp Will Will
Wizard Bewildering Spectacle Will Will
Confusion Will Will
Dazed Dazed Cipher Eyestrike Fortitude Fortitude
Mind Plague Will Will
Priest Instill Doubt Will Will
Interdiction Will Will
Wizard Arcane Assault Will Will
Arkemyr's Capricious Hex Will Will
Arkemyr's Dazzling Lights Reflex Reflex
Disoriented Disoriented Weapon hits
(Disorienting enchantment)
Lenas Êr auto
Pliambo per Casitàs auto
Rod of Pale Shades auto
Scon Mica's Roar auto
Strike Hard auto
The Vile Loner's Lance auto
The White Spire auto
Distracted Distracted Rogue Persistent Distraction [WM2] auto
Smoke Cloud [WM1] Reflex Reflex
Dominated Dominated
  • Alliance flipped
Cipher Puppet Master Will Will
Ringleader Will Will
Flanked Flanked Cipher Phantom Foes Will Will
Combat Standing directly between two engaging foes auto
Frightened Frightened Barbarian Barbaric Yell Will Will
Chanter Lo, Their Endless Host, the Harbingers Doom Will Will
Cipher Secret Horrors Will Will
Tenuous Grasp Will Will
Druid Venombloom Fortitude Fortitude
Priest Divine Terror Will Will
Holy Radiance Will Will
Hobbled Hobbled Chanter Rime and Frost Followed the Footfalls of Karth Fortitude Fortitude
Cipher Fractured Volition Will Will
Druid Spreading Plague Fortitude Fortitude
Tanglefoot Reflex Reflex
Fighter Crippling Guard Fortitude Fortitude
Ranger Wounding Shot Fortitude Fortitude
Rogue Crippling Strike Fortitude Fortitude
Fearsome Strike Fortitude Fortitude
Wizard Kalakoth's Freezing Rake Fortitude Fortitude
Ninagauth's Freezing Pillar Fortitude Fortitude
Wall of Force Fortitude Fortitude
Maimed Maimed Combat A character becomes Maimed after being reduced to 0 Health. auto
Paralyzed Paralyzed Chanter At the Sound of His Voice, the Killers Froze Stiff Will Will
Cipher Mental Binding Will Will
Druid Hold Beasts Will Will
Weapon hits or crits
(10% chance via Spellchance: Paralyze enchantment)
The Grey Sleeper autoVerify
Wizard Arkemyr's Capricious Hex Will Will
Fetid Caress Fortitude Fortitude
Ninagauth's Shadowflame Fortitude Fortitude
Petrified Petrified Wizard Gaze of the Adragan Fortitude Fortitude
Weapon hits or crits
(5% chance via Spellchance: Petrify enchantment)
Greenstone Staff (Monk only) autoVerify
Prone Prone Cipher Amplified Wave Fortitude Fortitude
Mind Wave Fortitude Fortitude
Druid Calling the World's Maw Fortitude Fortitude
Fighter Clear Out Fortitude Fortitude
Knock Down Fortitude Fortitude
Monk Force of Anguish Fortitude Fortitude
Priest Pillar of Faith Fortitude Fortitude
Repulsing Seal Fortitude Fortitude
Ranger Master's Call Fortitude Fortitude
Takedown Fortitude Fortitude
Weapon crits
(Overbearing enchantment)
Half-Mast Fortitude Fortitude
One-Eyed Molina's Gold-Fingered Spike-Flinger Fortitude Fortitude
Tall Grass Fortitude Fortitude
The Hours of St. Rumbalt Fortitude Fortitude
The Temaperacl Fortitude Fortitude
Wē Toki Fortitude Fortitude
Weapon crits
(Weapon bonus: Overbearing weapon type bonus)
Arbalests Fortitude Fortitude
Wizard Slicken Reflex Reflex
Sickened Sickened Barbarian Threatening Presence Will Will
Cipher Secret Horrors Will Will
Druid Plague of Insects Fortitude Fortitude
Vile Thorns Fortitude Fortitude
Wizard Arkemyr's Capricious Hex Will Will
Fetid Caress Fortitude Fortitude
Ryngrim's Repulsive Visage Fortitude Fortitude
Stuck Stuck Cipher Mental Binding Fortitude Fortitude
Priest Halt Will Will
Ranger Binding Roots Reflex Reflex
Wizard Binding Web Fortitude Fortitude
Stunned Stunned Chanter The Thunder Rolled like Waves on Black Seas Fortitude Fortitude
Cipher Silent Scream Will Will
Druid Overwhelming Wave Fortitude Fortitude
Relentless Storm Fortitude Fortitude
Monk Rooting Pain Fortitude Fortitude
Stunning Blow Fortitude Fortitude
Ranger Stunning Shots Fortitude Fortitude
Weapon crits
(Stunning enchantment)
Aedrin's Wrecker Fortitude Fortitude
Borresaine Fortitude Fortitude
Cladhaliath Fortitude Fortitude
Godansthunyr Fortitude Fortitude
Mabec's Morning Star Fortitude Fortitude
One-Eyed Molina's Gold-Fingered Spike-Flinger Fortitude Fortitude
Starcaller Fortitude Fortitude
Wizard Dimensional Shift Fortitude Fortitude
Terrified Terrified Barbarian Barbaric Shout Will Will
Chanter Reny Daret's Ghost Spake, "I'll Catch You, Ben Fidel" Will Will
Druid Nature's Terror Will Will
Wizard Ryngrim's Enervating Terror Will Will
Ryngrim's Repulsive Visage Fortitude Fortitude
Unconscious Unconscious Wizard Call to Slumber Will Will
Weakened Weakened Cipher Fractured Volition Will Will
Druid Spreading Plague Fortitude Fortitude
Wall of Thorns Fortitude Fortitude
Venombloom Fortitude Fortitude
Monk Enervating Blows (on Crits) autoVerify
Priest Painful Interdiction Will WillVerify
Symbol of Berath Fortitude Fortitude
Rogue Fearsome Strike Fortitude Fortitude
Withering Strike Fortitude Fortitude
Wizard Concelhaut's Draining Touch Fortitude Fortitude
Ryngrim's Enervating Terror Will Will
Tayn's Chaotic Orb Will Will
Wilting Wind Fortitude Fortitude
Kalakoth's Freezing Rake Fortitude Fortitude


Party members can become injured by being below the threshold of an option in a scripted interaction or by being knocked down to unconsciousness during combat. An Injury gives a penalty that lasts until the next rest.[3]

Injuries gained in combat are selected semi-randomly from the following list. Being knocked out by Fire, Frost or Shock damage tends to cause its corresponding injury.

Injury Penalties During scripted interaction
Location Interactable Requires Affects
Bruised Ribs Bruised Ribs Northweald Staircase Athletics 5 Afflicted to the weakest Party member.
Concussion Concussion Dyrford Ruins Wymund Cipher Afflicted to the player or a cipher companion
Durgan's Battery (Exterior) Chasm interaction Athletics 7 or Dexterity 18 Player
Northweald Staircase Athletics 5 Afflicted to the weakest Party member.
Frostbite Frostbite
Severe Burn Severe Burn
Severe Wound Severe Wound
  • -50% Healing Received
Sprained Wrist Sprained Wrist
Swollen Eye Swollen Eye Lle a Rhemen Broken Stairs Athletics = 1Verify Party member with lowest Athletics score
System Shock System Shock
Twisted Ankle Twisted Ankle
Wrenched Knee Wrenched Knee
Wrenched Shoulder Wrenched Shoulder Pearlwood Bluff
Durgan's Battery (Exterior) Chasm interaction Varies Player


When a character sustains an injury in combat, they accrue fatigue. Fatigue can also be gained by failing a skill check in dialog or scripted interactions. Fatigue can be "healed" by resting and through the use of certain drugs.

Status Penalties
Fatigue minor.png Minor Fatigue

-10 Accuracy, -10% Maximum Endurance

Fatigue major.png Major Fatigue

-20 Accuracy, -25% Maximum Endurance

Fatigue critical.png Critical Fatigue

-30 Accuracy, -50% Maximum Endurance

Note: The following information refers to mechanics that no longer apply to the current version of the game.

As time passes without resting, characters will get fatigued and receive a penalty. How fast this happens depends on the Athletics skill of the character. Fatigue is accrued at a level of 1.0 per in-game second while moving (standing still doesn't increase fatigue), while in combat, while travelling between areas on the world map, and when waiting. When a character's fatigue reaches a certain threshold, a status effect is applied representing the severity of fatigue.

While in combat, a multiplier is applied to the rate at which fatigue increases. This is calculated with 10 + (Athletics * -4.0), which is then limited to a minimum of 1.0 (therefore only characters with 1 and 2 Athletics will become fatigued at a faster rate in combat - at 6x and 2x respectively)

While travelling between areas, the fatigue accrued is reduced by a factor of 0.33.

The thresholds at which a fatigue status is gained is dependent on the characters Athletics. By default minor, major and critical fatigue is gained after 16, 28 and 40 hours without resting, and a multiplier of 1.0 + (Athletics * 0.1) is used to extend it.

Fatigue Threshold per Athletics skill (hours)
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ...
Minor Fatigue 16.0 17.6 19.2 20.8 22.4 24.0 25.6 27.2 28.8 30.4 32.0 ...
Major Fatigue 28.0 30.8 33.6 36.4 39.2 42.0 44.8 47.6 50.4 53.2 56.0 ...
Critical Fatigue 40.0 44.0 48.0 52.0 56.0 60.0 64.0 68.0 72.0 76.0 80.0 ...

Other than the status effect appearing next to the player's portrait, the screen also becomes vignetted and color tinted the more fatigued the player becomes.

Fatigue was changed in a later patch to the game so that it no longer accrues over time.

Death states[]


If a character loses all Endurance during a fight they are knocked out for the duration, unable to move or take any actions. Unconscious characters cannot benefit from endurance healing, but they can be revived to life via certain abilities. Once the fight ends they will regain consciousness and eventually recover their Endurance.


If a character loses all Health and endurance during a fight, once becoming conscious they will be Maimed and near death. A maimed character may still move and take any actions, but suffer severe penalties to their accuracy and all defenses. If the character gets hit again and are reduced to 0 Health, they must rest to remove Maimed status (and restore Health).[4]


If a character loses all Health during a fight, and is Maimed (or playing with permadeath),[4] they will die. Dead characters cannot be restored to life and are removed from the game. Their soul leaves their body and their energy will move forward in the eternal cycle.