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Status effects are abnormal states that may have positive or negative effects on party members' or creatures' attributes or actions. They can be gained from abilities, spells, potions, items, enemies, traps, etc. and can be healed by resting, certain ability/spells, or will heal automatically after some time.

In Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, attribute-affecting status effects are grouped by the attribute that they affect. Each attribute has 3 positive Inspirations, and 3 negative Afflictions, each with an increasing level of effect. Generally, all inspirations and afflictions give ±5 points to the attribute they apply to, with the 2nd and 3rd level effects applying more buffs/debuffs to the player than the last.

In addition to these, many of the same effects from Pillars of Eternity have carried over to Deadfire, albeit with different stat changes.

Most status effects appear in the character sheet under "Current Effects". Permanent status effects are always applied through passive abilities, and appear in the "Abilities" section.

Negative effects[]


Afflictions are an overarching category covering status effects that have negative effects on the player.

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Afflictions are groups of negative effects that can be applied to a character. Most Afflictions are grouped by Attribute. E.g. Hobbled and Immobilized are both Dexterity Afflictions.

Attribute Afflictions can be easily countered by a corresponding Attribute Inspiration, which also grants immunity to that category of Afflictions. E.g. any Dexterity Affliction can be removed by the Quick, Nimble, or Swift Inspirations.

Some characters are completely immune to one or more Afflictions. If a character has Resistance to a category of Afflictions, incoming Afflictions of that type are downgraded in power. Resistance grants complete immunity to the weakest Afflictions of that Attribute.

E.g. wood elves have Resistance to Dexterity Afflictions. A wood elf hit by an Immobilized effect would instead be Hobbled. If that elf were hit by a Hobbled effect, it wouldn't apply at all.

Affliction Effect(s)
Effect con neg.png
Constitution afflictions
Effect con neg 1.png Sickened -5 Constitution, -25% Healing Received
Effect con neg 2.png Weakened -5 Constitution, -50% Healing Received
Effect con neg 3.png Enfeebled -5 Constitution, +50% Hostile Effect duration, -100% Healing done
Effect dex neg.png
Dexterity afflictions
Effect dex neg 1.png Hobbled -5 Dexterity, Cannot run
Effect dex neg 2.png Immobilized -5 Dexterity, Cannot move
Effect dex neg 3.png Paralyzed -5 Dexterity, Paralyzed, 25% of incoming Hits converted to Crits, cannot be interrupted
Effect dex neg 3.png Petrified Same as Paralyzed, but with a different visual
Effect mig neg.png
Might afflictions
Effect mig neg 1.png Staggered -5 Might, Cannot engage enemies
Effect mig neg 2.png Dazed -5 Might, Cannot engage enemies, -4 Penetration
Effect mig neg 3.png Stunned -5 Might, -4 Penetration, Stunned (Can't take actions), -10 Deflection
Effect int neg.png
Intellect afflictions
Effect int neg 1.png Confused -5 Intellect, Attacks (and abilities) hit friendly and hostile characters
Effect int neg 2.png Charmed -5 Intellect, Alliance flipped, Cannot use active abilities
Effect int neg 3.png Dominated -5 Intellect, Alliance flipped (can cast active abilities on allies)
Effect per neg.png
Perception afflictions
Effect per neg 1.png Distracted -5 Perception, Flanked (-10 Deflection, -1 Armor Rating)
Effect per neg 2.png Disoriented -5 Perception, +50% Recovery Time (or +50% Initiative in Turn-based mode), Flanked (-10 Deflection, -1 Armor Rating),
Effect per neg 3.png Blinded -5 Perception, +50% Recovery Time (or +50% Initiative in Turn-based mode), Flanked (-10 Deflection, -1 Armor Rating), -10 Accuracy, -50% Range, Immune to Gaze attacks, Cannot use Gaze attacks
Effect res neg.png
Resolve afflictions
Effect res neg 1.png Shaken -5 Resolve, -3 All Power Levels
Effect res neg 2.png Frightened -5 Resolve, -3 All Power Levels, Cannot use Hostile abilities
Effect res neg 3.png Terrified -5 Resolve, -3 All Power Levels, Terrified (Can take no action other than to flee)


Weakness to a type of affliction causes all applied afflictions of that type to affect the character worse, causing more detriment than usual. This is accomplished by upgrading the incoming affliction to the next tier. Incoming tier 3 afflictions are unchanged.

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Characters that are weak to a type of Affliction will upgrade any Afflictions of that type applied to them by one tier. For example, a character who is weak to Might Afflictions would upgrade a Staggered to a Dazed, or a Dazed to a Stunned.


Resistance to a type of affliction causes all applied afflictions of that type to be lessened in effect, causing less harm than usual. As the opposite of a Weakness, this is accomplished by downgrading the incoming affliction to one lower tier. Incoming tier 1 afflictions are cancelled out, and will fail to apply to the character.

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Characters that are resistant to a type of Affliction will downgrade any Afflictions of that type applied to them by one tier. For example, a character with resistance to Might Afflictions would downgrade Stunned to Dazed. A Dazed Affliction would be downgraded to Staggered, and a Staggered Affliction would fail to apply.

Other afflictions[]

These are negative effects that don't fit into the other categories. They are removed on rest, or are only applied to the character under certain conditions. See permanent effects below for negative permanent effects.

Name Effect(s) Notes
Ico status burden of memory.png Burden of Memory A curse applied to the Watcher if they broke their promise to Rymrgand (in Teir Evron during Council of Stars, after Into the White Void) and didn't disintegrate the souls in the quest Memories of the Ancients during the events of Pillars of Eternity.

This is only applied after the dialogue with Rymrgand during A Glimpse Beyond. Is automatically removed after at least 15 rests (70% chance that a rest counts towards this value)

Ico bonded grief.png Bonded Grief
Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Rangers share a literal life bond with their animal companions. When one is wounded, the can sense it and feel intense emotional pain. If a ranger or animal companion are knocked unconscious, the partner suffers from Bonded Grief, affecting Accuracy and other stats, until the downed ally is revived. If a ranger is ever killed, the animal companion immediately dies from grief.

Ico status flanked.png Flanked Combat affliction, applied to the target of an attack, when two opponents are attacking from opposite directions. Also leaves the target vulnerable to sneak attacks. If either of the attackers break engagement, the Flanked affliction is removed.
Hangover.png Hangover
  • -3 All Defenses
  • -1 All Skills
  • -10% Max Health
Applied on rest after consuming an alcoholic drink. Can be removed either by resting with food (or a non-alcoholic drink), or after two rests with nothing.
Unconscious Combat "affliction" applied when a party member's health is reduced to zero.
Hangover.png Unforgettable Hangover
  • -3 All Defenses
  • -1 All Skills
  • -10% Max HP
  • Sickened
Effect dex neg.png Slog Zone
  • Cannot run.
Applied by environmental hazards such as water, mud, bog and quicksand.
Ico status beraths wrath.png Berath's Wrath A curse applied to the Watcher if they broke their promise to Berath (in Teir Evron during Council of Stars, after A Servant of Death) and didn't send the souls back to the cycle in the quest Memories of the Ancients during the events of Pillars of Eternity.

This is only applied when approaching the Temple of Berath in The Sacred Stair district of Neketaka. It is automatically removed after killing 75 enemies.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Injuries are long-term afflictions. "Long-term" means they last until the character rests and consumes Food. Injuries are typically gained through scripted interactions or by being Knocked Out in combat. If a character has three Injuries and would receive another, they are Killed.

Injuries can be afflicted by failing skill checks during scripted interactions, or upon being knocked out in combat. Injuries gained in combat are selected semi-randomly from the following list. Being knocked out by Fire, Frost or Shock damage tends to cause its corresponding injury.

  • If more than one of the same injury is applied, instead of doubling-up, the injuries "Major Injury" (2), "Critical Injury" (3) and "Maimed" are usually substituted.
  • If the character has 3 injuries, and receives another, they can be killed. This does not occur for injuries applied via scripted interactions, with few exceptions (such as Hohonu Lagoon)
  • Injuries cannot kill the player if the game is set to "Story Time" difficulty.
Injury Effect(s) Notes
Injury severe burn.png Acute Rash Via Corrode damage
Injury bruised ribs.png Bruised Ribs Via Crush, and all types of damage.
Injury concussion.png Concussion Via Crush damage, and scripted interactions (e.g. knock to the head)
Ico status maimed.png Critical Injury
  • 100% of Crits converted to Hits
  • -20 All Defenses
  • -15% Max Health
Substituted if three injuries of the same type are applied
Fatigue minor.png Fatigue
  • -5 Accuracy
  • -10 All Defenses
  • -15% Max Health
Scripted interaction (e.g. overexertion)
Injury frostbite.png Frostbite Via Freeze damage
Injury severe wound.png Gaping Wound
  • -25% Healing received
  • -15% Max Health
Via Slash / Pierce / Raw damage
Injury wrenched shoulder.png Lingering Frailty
  • -3 Dexterity
  • -15 All Defenses
  • -15% Max Health
Via Corrode damage
Ico status maimed.png Major Injury
  • 50% of Crits converted to Hits
  • -2 Penetration
  • -15% Max Health
Substituted if two injuries of the same type are applied
Ico status maimed.png Maimed
  • -10 Accuracy
  • -15 All Defenses
  • -10 Max Health
Injury severe burn.png Serious Burn Via Burn damage
Injury smashed hands.png Smashed Hands
  • +20% Recovery Time
Scripted interaction (e.g. dropped something heavy on hands)
Injury sprained wrist.png Sprained Wrist Scripted interaction (e.g. overexertion)
Injury swollen eye.png Swollen Eye Via Crush damage
Injury system shock.png System Shock Via Shock damage
Injury twisted ankle.png Twisted Ankle Scripted interaction (e.g. poor reflexes)
Injury wrenched knee.png Wrenched Knee
  • -25% Move Speed
Scripted interaction (e.g. overexertion)
Injury wrenched shoulder.png Wrenched Shoulder Scripted interaction (e.g. overexertion)

Crew injuries[]


Curses are unique negative status effects that are applied by Sigils when a character steps within 8-10m of them. Most curses can be stacked up to 5 times. To avoid being cursed, the most effective move is to destroy the obelisk from a range. Otherwise, you can also use a sigil's Wardstone, which allows you to move past without being affected - removing any current curses in the process.

Note: Effects need verification.
Curse Effects Sigil Wardstone
Curse of atrophy.png Curse of Atrophy -2 Might, stacks 5 times. Sigil of Atrophy
Sigil of Atrophy Wardstone
Curse of darkness.png Curse of Darkness -5 Accuracy, stacks 5 times. Sigil of Darkness
Sigil of Darkness Wardstone
Curse of mortality.png Curse of Mortality Applies affliction Gaping Wound, damage (?) Sigil of Death
Sigil of Death Wardstone
Curse of doubt.png Curse of Nightmares -2 Resolve for 30.0 sec when damaged, stacks 15 times Sigil of Nightmares
Sigil of Nightmares Wardstone
Curse of pain.png Curse of Pain +5% incoming Damage, stacks 5 times. Sigil of Pain
Sigil of Pain Wardstone

Positive effects[]


Inspirations are temporary buffs to Attributes in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. They can be gained through the use of Abilities.

Gaining an Inspiration will cancel and grant immunity to any Afflictions that affect the same Attribute for it's duration. For example, a character that is Dazed that gains the Strong Inspiration will lose Dazed and become immune to Staggered, Dazed and Stunned for as long as they have that Inspiriation.

Higher tier Inspirations will override a lower tier one, and if the target is already benefiting from a more powerful Inspiration, then the newer Inspiration will have no effect.

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Inspirations, like Afflictions, are groups of effects that are applied to characters. Unlike Afflictions, Inspirations provide positive benefits to the character they are applied to.

Each Inspiration is categorized by an Attribute, such as Might or Dexterity. Inspirations counter and grant immunity to any and all Afflictions of the corresponding Attribute. E.g. the Smart Inspiration cancels and removes the Confused, Charmed, and Dominated Afflictions.

Inspiration Effect(s)
Effect con pos.png
Constitution Inspirations
Effect con pos 1.png Fit +5 Constitution
Effect con pos 2.png Hardy +5 Constitution, +2 Armor Rating
Effect con pos 3.png Robust +5 Constitution, +2 Armor Rating, +10 Health Restored per 3.0 sec
Effect dex pos.png
Dexterity Inspirations
Effect dex pos 1.png Quick +5 Dexterity
Effect dex pos 2.png Nimble +5 Dexterity, +100% Stride
Effect dex pos 3.png Swift +5 Dexterity, +100% Stride, Immune to Engagement
Effect mig pos.png
Might Inspirations
Effect mig pos 1.png Strong +5 Might
Effect mig pos 2.png Tenacious +5 Might, +2 Penetration
Effect mig pos 3.png Energized +5 Might, +2 Penetration, Interrupt enemies on Crit
Effect int pos.png
Intellect Inspirations
Effect int pos 1.png Smart +5 Intellect
Effect int pos 2.png Acute +5 Intellect, +1 All Power Levels
Effect int pos 3.png Brilliant +5 Intellect, +1 All Power Levels, +1 of all class resources per 6.0 sec.
Effect per pos.png
Perception Inspirations
Effect per pos 1.png Insightful +5 Perception
Effect per pos 2.png Aware +5 Perception, 50% of Grazes converted to Hits
Effect per pos 3.png Intuitive +5 Perception, 50% of Grazes converted to Hits, 25% of Hits converted to Crits
Effect res pos.png
Resolve Inspirations
Effect res pos 1.png Steadfast +5 Resolve
Effect res pos 2.png Resolute +5 Resolve, Concentration per 6.0 sec
Effect res pos 3.png Courageous +5 Resolve, Concentration per 6.0 sec, Cannot be Interrupted

Resting bonuses[]

Rest bonuses are gained from resting at certain rooms in inns. For the most part, the bonuses gained last until the next rest.

Location Name Cost Effect(s) Notes
The Kraken's Eye,
Portmaje room 02.png Bloody Mess Copper pands (cp)50 Depending on the outcome of The Better Man
Portmaje room 01.png Skipper's Stay Copper pands (cp)50
The Wild Mare,
Room mare 01.png Backstage Storage Room Copper pands (cp)0 -
Room mare 02.png Private Dance Copper pands (cp)200
  • +1 casts with level 1 spells
  • +1 All Skills
Room mare 03.png Konstanten's Massage Copper pands (cp)800
  • +3 Dexterity
  • 30% Chance to reflect against spells
Only if Konstanten is currently recruited.
Luminous Bathhouse,
Room bathhouse 01.png Moistened Cove Copper pands (cp)200
Room bathhouse 02.png The Bathyal Drop Copper pands (cp)400
  • +2 Health per 6.0 sec
  • +1 Max Power Pool
Room bathhouse 03.png The Abyss Copper pands (cp)800
  • +25% Beneficial Effect duration
  • +10% Area of Effect
The Hole,
Room slums 01.png Stowaway Stay Copper pands (cp)0 -
Room slums 02.png Forger's Fancy Copper pands (cp)100
The King's Coffin,
Jacob Harker
Room wealth01.png The Bilge Pump Copper pands (cp)0 -
Room wealth02.png Sailor's Berth Copper pands (cp)200
  • +10% Max Health
  • +1 Engagement limit
Room wealth03.png Officer's Quarters Copper pands (cp)400
Room wealth04.png Captain's Cabin Copper pands (cp)800
Room huana 01.png Roparu's Mat Copper pands (cp)0 -
Room huana 02.png Gentle Breeze Copper pands (cp)400
  • +2 Resolve
  • -25% Hostile effect duration
Room huana 03.png Ocean's Song Copper pands (cp)800
Tip of the Iceberg,
Harbinger Valbrendhür
Slums room 01.png Fur Pile Copper pands (cp)0 -
Slums room 02.png Fireside Bed Copper pands (cp)200
Arena Barracks,
Room the hammocks.png The Hammocks Copper pands (cp)10 -
Room seeker.png The Archives
(Seeker's Study)
Copper pands (cp)200
Room slayer.png The Gymnasium
(Slayer's Lounge)
Copper pands (cp)200
  • +2 Might
  • +1 Engagement Limit
Room survivor.png The Larder
(Survivor's Den)
Copper pands (cp)200
The Sleeping Kith,
Drowsy Puke [FS]
Room sleeping kith light snooze.png Light Snooze Copper pands (cp)100
  • +10% Max Health
Room sleeping kith deep slumber.png Deep Slumber Copper pands (cp)250
  • +10 Will
  • 5% resistance against Spells
Room sleeping kith Entrancing Daze.png Entrancing Daze Copper pands (cp)500 Only if the collections have been unlocked, and you have returned Recipe - Entrancing Daze to Drowsy Puke
Room sleeping kith Invigorating Nightmares.png Invigorating Nightmares Copper pands (cp)500 Only if the archives have been unlocked, and you have returned Recipe - Invigorating Nightmares to Drowsy Puke

Prostitute bonuses[]

Can be gained by engaging in certain "services" with associated NPC's.

Note: This list is incomplete, please click "Edit" above to add any missing effects!
Name Location Cost Effect(s)
Aenalys' Boon Aenalys, The Wild Mare Copper pands (cp)100
Konstanten's Boon Konstanten, The Wild Mare Copper pands (cp)250
Rabyuna's Boon Rabyuna, The Wild Mare Copper pands (cp)300
Ymir's Boon Ymir, The Wild Mare Copper pands (cp)150
Cabin Boy's Relaxation Therapy Cabin Boy, The King's Coffin Copper pands (cp)200
Irwena's Mature Experience Irwena, The King's Coffin Copper pands (cp)50
  • +1 All Skills
  • Cannot be engaged by lower-level enemies

Misc bonuses[]

List of temporary miscellaneous bonuses and their effects. These bonuses will last until the next rest.

Note: This list is incomplete, please click "Edit" above to add any missing effects!
Bonus Effect(s) Acquisition
Adratic Glow
  • +1 max Empower points
  • Depending on class:
    • Barbarian: +1 max Rage
    • Chanter: +1 Casts with Level 1 Chanter spells
    • Cipher: +1 Casts with Level 1 Cipher spells
    • Druid: +1 Casts with Level 1 Druid spells
    • Fighter: +1 max Discipline
    • Monk: +1 max Mortification
    • Paladin: +1 max Zeal
    • Priest: +1 Casts with Level 1 Priest spells
    • Ranger: +1 max Bond
    • Rogue: +1 max Guile
    • Wizard: +1 Casts with Level 1 Wizard spells
Bathe in the Luminous Bathhouse waters (pay Copper pands (cp)900−2,000 to the Bathhouse steward)
Alchemic Brawn Outcast's Respite
Alchemic Guile
Alchemic Wits
Amira's Blessing Burning house scripted event while in Neketaka (level 7 only): You see a billowing cloud of smoke behind the houses ahead of you.
Dawnstar's Blessing
  • +50% Healing done
  • +2 Religion
Waenglith in Port Maje.
Fortune: Determination Fortune teller Nisanga encounter in Neketaka (only after all unlocking all 6 districts).

Seems to be Cut content, as starting the encounter with LaunchRandomEncounter errors out, and the associated conversation files do not exist.

Fortune: Endurance
Fortune: Ferocity
Fortune: Forethought
Fortune: Guile
Fortune: Intuition
Galawain's Blessing Cut shrine blessing
Good Food, Better Friends Resting at the camp in the Shadowed Vale scripted interaction.
Magran's Blessing
  • +2 Burn Armor Rating
  • Applies Strong upon being critically hit.
Nature's Resolve Toaku Biwha Trail scripted interaction. Gained by eating the mushroom cap given to you by the delemgan as a peace offering.
Ngati's Blessing Teo Ramunga scripted interaction
Rikuhu's Blessing Kābara Reku Shrine or Bleakrock Shrine scripted interaction.

Permanent effects[]

There are a number of effects that can be permanently applied to the player, most of which are positive buffs gained via NPC training or as a quest reward. The NPCs that give you training are Backer created content.

Note: This list is incomplete, please click "Edit" above to add any missing effects!
Name Effect(s) Acquisition
Carlo's Training +1 Diplomacy, +1 Sleight of Hand Carlo Fortuni, Lifter's Refuge for Copper pands (cp)3,000
Coel's Training +1 Bluff, +1 Streetwise Co'el Marcellus, Radiant Court for Copper pands (cp)3,000
Elias Zelen's Training +1 Explosives, +1 Mechanics Elias Zelen, The King's Coffin for Copper pands (cp)3,000
Geirvard's Training +1 Arcana, +1 History Geirvard Calder, Serpent's Crown for Copper pands (cp)3,000
Granis' Training +1 Athletics, +1 Survival Granis Yirgar, Kahanga Palace for Copper pands (cp)3,000
Kae's Training +1 Metaphysics, +1 Stealth Kae Polzech, Lifter's Refuge for Copper pands (cp)3,000
Mark Van Der Bij's Training +1 Alchemy, +1 Religion Mark van der Bij, The Sacred Stair for Copper pands (cp)3,000
Marofeto Liano's Training +1 Insight, +1 Intimidate Marofeto Liano, Sayuka for Copper pands (cp)3,000
Berath's Blessing - Champion Stats +2 Might, Constitution, Dexterity, Intellect, Perception, Resolve Via the "Bonus Attributes" Berath's Blessing.
Berath's Blessing - Bonus Skills Receive double the normal skill bonus from class Via the "Bonus Skills" Berath's Blessing.
Berath's Blessing - Power Level Bonus +1 Barbarian Power Level, +1 Chanter Power Level, +1 Cipher Power Level, +1 Druid Power Level, +1 Fighter Power Level, +1 Monk Power Level, +1 Paladin Power Level, +1 Priest Power Level, +1 Ranger Power Level, +1 Rogue Power Level, +1 Wizard Power Level An unused Berath's Blessing.
Adaptive -1.0 sec cooldown when switching grimoires Granted to Aloth on completion of The Painted Masks, if he is humbled by the story of Thaos' mistake (otherwise he gets Persistent).
Persistent 25% chance to gain Concentration for 30.0 sec when Critically Hit Granted to Aloth on completion of The Painted Masks, if he is encouraged by the story of Thaos' mistake (otherwise he gets Adaptive).
Candlebearer +5 Will Granted to Edér on completion of The Lighted Path, if Edér successfully convinces Bearn not to drink the poison.
Inner Glow +1 Resolve Granted to Edér on completion of The Lighted Path, if Bearn drinks the poison and is saved, or if he drinks the poison and dies.
Compassion +1 Intellect
Social Order +1 Might
Oppressor's Rage +10% Crit damage, +2 Intimidate
Slave's Silence +1 Resolve, +2 Stealth
Cauldron Brew +1 to an attribute of your choosing (Might, Constitution, Dexterity, Perception, Intellect, Resolve) Granted by using the Deciphered notes to create one of 6 potions with the cauldron in Outcast's Respite.
Infamous Captain +3 Intimidate, +5% Damage
Lower level Kith enemies may become Terrified at the beginning of combat.
Granted by surviving a mutiny, or via the Infamous Past Berath's Blessing
Savage Cunning +1 Perception, +2 Survival Overgrowth quest, boon from Galawain
Strong-Souled +5 Max Health Granted to all Dyrwoodan characters if the souls were distributed to the Dyrwood in the quest Memories of the Ancients, during the events of Pillars of Eternity.
Soul-Power +1 All Power Levels Granted to those dedicated to Woedica if the souls were used to strengthen her in the quest Memories of the Ancients, during the events of Pillars of Eternity - Steel Garrote and Priest of Woedica NPCs only.
Gift from the Machine +1 Might, +5% Max Health Re-granted to you upon completing A Distant Light, if you absorbed the souls in the quest Undying Heritage during the events of Pillars of Eternity.
Effigy's Resentment: Aloth +1 Intellect, +5 Reflex Re-granted to you upon completing A Distant Light, if you sacrificed a companion to the Skaen Blood Pool during the events of Pillars of Eternity.
Effigy's Resentment: Devil of Caroc +1 Dexterity, +1 Penetration with weapons against kith targets
Effigy's Resentment: Durance +1 Constitution, +5% Max Health
Effigy's Resentment: Edér +1 Might, +2 Deflection
Effigy's Resentment: Grieving Mother +1 Resolve, +5 All Defenses against Intellect Affliction attacks
Effigy's Resentment: Hiravias +1 Dexterity, +1 Slash Armor Rating
Effigy's Resentment: Kana +1 Intellect, +5 All Defenses against Dexterity Affliction attacks
Effigy's Resentment: Maneha +1 Might, +5 All Defenses against Might Affliction attacks
Effigy's Resentment: Pallegina +1 Resolve, +1 Shock Armor Rating
Effigy's Resentment: Sagani +1 Perception, +2 Accuracy against > 4m distance targets
Effigy's Resentment: Zahua +1 Constitution, +5% Beneficial effect duration