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A Steelspine Magus is a vessel in The White March - Part I. They are completely immune to Burn and Shock damage, but slightly vulnerable to Pierce, Slash and Freeze damage.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Skeletons make formidable and persistent warriors, though their exposed bones can be vulnerable. Armor can mitigate this somewhat, though plate, chain, and scale mail gradually wear away at bones. Various solutions have been sought to prevent this, including the coating of bones in protective sheaths or resins. The challenge is to cover the bones without impeding their movement. It's a difficult task that, when successful, creates incredibly strong and durable skeletons.


  • A customized version of a skeleton created by Sabel, the Steelspine was created by submerging the regular vessel into a vat of molten metal and stabilizing the reaction. The result is fast, durable, and in the case of the magus, equipped with an array of deadly spells. Prioritize and terminate with extreme prejudice.

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