Stormwall Gorge

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Stormwall Gorge
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Stormwall Gorge is a wilderness area in Pillars of Eternity.

It's located southeast of the Woodend Plains, houses the entrance to the Engwithan ruin Lle a Rhemen, and at the end of Act II access to Elmshore can be gained from here, when the waters, flooding the gorge itself, have gone.

Background[edit | edit source]

A path loops through patches of grass and groups of trees, leading from the westerly situated Woodend Plains to the east, in direction of Dyrford Village. Packs of lions have their hunting grounds in the northeast, accompanied by Delemgan; deer is a welcome game, found in the whole area, and attracting Druids of all attitudes to the Stormwall Gorge.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

  • The northern section of the area is dominated by woods, with groups of feral druids spread throughout.
  • South of the road, more to the west than to the east, the area houses a large circle of stones – the portal to the ancient Engwithan ruin of Lle a Rhemen, guarded by a Pŵgra. The circular stone pattern on the southwest edge of this circle is used to gain access (you need the engraved adra stone from the Giantslayers in Woodend Plains), and a few steps away a secret hides beneath a loose brick.
  • Heading east, a small path forks off the road, where an anonymous adventurer has met his death, still wearing his armor. The path leads into a narrow gorge, but is filled with water for now, blocking off further exploration of the area's south.
  • Once the flood recedes (after riots start in the wake of the animancy hearings), you can access the exits leading to Eir Glanfath. Note that the first time you approach them, a Leaden Key strike team will harass you (probably because Thaos hopes the bodies will make you stumble).

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At the Beginning of Act III[edit | edit source]

Leaden Key:



Notable loot[edit | edit source]


Dead Adventurer:

Loose Brick: [Hidden stash on the southern edge of Lle a Rhemen]

Dead Adventurer:

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