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Structural Integrity Report is a book in The Forgotten Sanctum.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

This missive was addressed to an office of the admiralty in Rauatai. Apparently it never made the journey.

“Great Hazanui,

Your flagship, the Tenets of Iron, has not weathered the journey from the motherland as we had hoped. The sea was fierce, and an aggressive parasite infests the hull.

When I sailed for the Deadfire, you told me that the Tenets must always lead the way, for we carry the motherland’s heart. I tell you now that the ship is not battle-ready. Even a meager display of strength could send her to Ondra’s bosom.

You instructed me not to take on a shipwright, for the pride of our armada cannot be seen to founder, nor to enlist help from the Huana, lest they grow too familiar with our armaments. Yet it is a matter of time before your flagship vanishes beneath the waves.

What are your orders?”

A spray of saltwater smudged out the signature.