Sunepū Beach

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Sunepū Beach
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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
Scripted interaction
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Sunepū Beach is a scripted interaction on Tehiwai Islands.

Background[edit | edit source]

Sunepū Beach is a stretch of coast to the west of Tikawara. While seemingly calm and serene, it is the home of Skulking-Terror, a rather large (and tricky) Lagufaeth ravager, who hides in the bushes aiming to ambush unsuspecting passersby.

Interaction[edit | edit source]

  • Approaching the beach, you recognize the spot as a good site for an ambush. Looking around, you don't see anything - though the area seems to be a little too quiet...
  • Use Survival 8 or Perception 12 to investigate your surroundings, spotting a massive lagufaeth lurking in the growth. If you fail the check, you won't notice anything out of the ordinary. With Stealth 8, you can sneak in for a closer look, after which you have a few options:
    • If you rescued the lagufaeth hatchlings, he'll give you some fish and leave.
    • Ambush and attack. Puts you behind some River Reed at the edge of the area out of combat and in sneak mode.
    • Shock Ability (Aloth as a few spells in this category). Hurl electricity at the creature, sending it fleeing into the wilderness - leaving a bunch of items in it's wake: 2x Hagfish, 4x Caltrops Trap and a Fine Club.
    • Gernisc's Beast Lit the Night with his Breath / Yet Its Mate Was More Feared. A chanter (such as Konstanten) with either of these invocations can summon a drake to attack the creature, setting it alight and fleeing into the jungle (same result as above).
    • Stealth 10, sneak past the area and avoid confrontation (and loot/experience) entirely.
    • If you fail any of these checks, or the initial stealth 8 check, the lagufaeth attacks.
  • Instead of investigating the area, with a watcher-only Athletics x, you can cautiously continue forward... As a Ranger, your animal companion will instinctively yank on your gear, pulling you just out of the way of an incoming feathered dart shot. The lagufaeth ambushes you, starting combat and putting you in the Beach staging area.
  • The fight is relatively easy, on regular difficulty it should be no problem. While Skulking-Terror is just a named Lagufaeth Ravager, some of his stats differ slightly (Might 17 vs. 12, Deflection 56 vs. 53, Reflex 53 vs. 50, Fortitude 69 vs. 66, Will 45 vs. 42, AR Freeze 10 vs. 0, AR Shock 3 vs. 0)
  • Unfortunately, the Skulking-Terror doesn't drop anything terribly interesting - just the regular lagufaeth stuff. However, it will always drop a Fine Club.

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