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Superb (weapon) is an enchantment for weapons in Pillars of Eternity.


  • +12 Accuracy
  • +45% Damage

Items with Superb enchantment[]

Icon Name Item type Enchantments
Morning star acuan giamas icon.png Acuan Giamas [WM2] Morning star
Arbalest aedrins wrecker icon.png Aedrin's Wrecker Arbalest
Mace aimoranet icon.png Aimoranet Mace
Estoc endless paths icon.png Blade of the Endless Paths Estoc
Club blescas labor icon.png Blesca's Labor Club
War bow caebalds blackbow icon.png Caedebald's Blackbow (item) [WM2] War bow
Hatchet captain viccilos anger icon.png Captain Viccilo's Anger [WM2] Hatchet
Citzals spirit lance icon.png Citzal's Spirit Lance (item) Pike
Spear delem rawdha icon.png Delem Raŵdha Spear
Dagger drawn in spring icon.png Drawn in Spring Dagger
Battle axe edge of reason icon.png Edge of Reason Battle axe
Pollaxe half mast icon.png Half-Mast Pollaxe
Hunting bow lenas er icon.png Lenas Êr Hunting bow
Rod pretty prettys rib icon.png Pretty Pretty's Rib Rod
Sceptre puitente med principi icon.png Puitènte med Príncipi Scepter
Sword sheathed in autumn icon.png Sheathed in Autumn Sword
Dagger exceptional icon.png Thaos' Dagger Dagger
War bow the rain of godagh field icon.png The Rain of Godagh Field War bow
Great sword tidefall icon.png Tidefall Great sword
Rapier vierinas leaves icon.png Vierina's Leaves Rapier
Quarterstaff wend walker icon.png Wend-Walker Quarterstaff
Crossbow wendgar icon.png Wendgär Crossbow
Quarterstaff greenstone staff icon.png Greenstone Staff [WM1]
(Druid; Monk; Wizard;)
Mace nightshroud icon.png Nightshroud [WM1]
(Priest; Rogue;)
Arbalest one-eyed molinas gold-fingered spike-flinger icon.png One-Eyed Molina's Gold-Fingered Spike-Flinger [DP]
(Chanter; Cipher; Druid; Ranger; Wizard;)
Great sword st ydwens redeemer icon.png St. Ydwen's Redeemer [WM1]
(Barbarian; Fighter; Paladin;)
Great sword
  • Superb (weapon): +12 Accuracy +45% Damage
  • Major Spellbind: Revive the Fallen: No results
Sword steadfast icon.png Steadfast [WM2]
Hunting bow stormcaller icon.png Stormcaller [WM1]
(Chanter; Cipher; Ranger;)
Hunting bow
Estoc the grey sleeper icon.png The Grey Sleeper [WM1]
Unlabored blade lvl5 icon.png The Unlabored Blade [WM2]
Crossbow twin sting icon.png Twin Sting [WM2]
(Cipher; Ranger; Rogue;)