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Survival is a skill in Pillars of Eternity and Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. It is used when it comes to situations where knowledge about the wilds, creatures, poisons and the like is in demand. In Pillars of Eternity, it determines which resting bonuses a character may choose when camping.

Description and usage[]

In Pillars of Eternity[]

Survival allows characters to choose from a variety of long-term bonuses each time they camp. The first six levels grant the following bonuses, in order (Rank I / Rank II / Rank III).

  1. Damage Reduction (+1/+2/+3)
  2. Received Healing Multiplier (+20%/+40%/+60%)
  3. Bonus Movement (+1/+2/+3)
  4. Accuracy Bonus vs. Creature Type (+10/+15/+18)
  5. Increased Consumable Duration  (+20%/+40%/+60%)
  6. Bonus Damage vs. Flanked Enemies (+10%/+20%/+30%)

After the sixth level, the previously-earned bonuses are replaced by more powerful bonuses in the same order they were received (capping at level III).

Survival can also be used in conversations and scripted interactions that involve wilderness challenges or specialized information about nature.

Bonuses given Survival level
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Damage reduction Rank I: +1 Damage Reduction Rank II: +2 Damage Reduction Rank III: +3 Damage Reduction
Healing multiplier Rank I: +20% Healing received Rank II: +40% Healing received Rank III: +60% Healing received
Bonus movement Rank I: +1 Move Speed Rank II: +2 Move Speed Rank III: +3 Move Speed
Accuracy bonus vs type Rank I: +10 Accuracy against type Rank II: +15 Accuracy against type Rank III: +18 Accuracy against type
Consumable duration Rank I: +20% Consumable Duration Rank II: +40% Consumable Duration Rank III: +60% Consumable Duration
Damage vs. flanked Rank I: +10% Damage to Flanked targets Rank II: +20% Damage to Flanked targets Rank III: +30% Damage to Flanked targets

In Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire[]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Survival can be used in conversations and scripted interactions that involve wilderness challenges or specialized information about nature.

In Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, the bonuses given to characters at rest are based upon food and drink, instead of Survival. As with other passive skills, Survival is only used during conversations and scripted interactions, and otherwise has no effect on gameplay or combat mechanics.

Initial bonuses[]

The following bonuses are applied as a result of a character's class and background.

In Pillars of Eternity

Class bonuses:
Barbarian +1
Druid +2
Fighter +1
Monk +1
Ranger +2
Background bonuses:
Colonist +2
Drifter +1
Explorer +1
Hunter +1
Slave +1

In Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Class bonuses:
Barbarian +1
Druid +2
Fighter +1
Ranger +2
Background bonuses:
Colonist +1
Explorer +1
Farmer* +2
Hunter +1
Midwife* +1
Slave +1
Soldier* +1

Buffs in Pillars of Eternity[]

In addition to a character's base Survival, there are various ways to gain further bonuses. Some of these buffs are permanent or can be activated for as long as desired, while others must be enabled and then expire after their duration runs out. Some can only applied to the character themselves, while others apply to allies. Some buffs stack, others are mutually exclusive.

A character's Survival score for a certain attack can benefit from the given number of bonuses from each of the following tables at the same time.

Passive abilities/talents[]

UnlimitedPermanently active once learned

Talent Classes Modifier
Rymrgand's Boon All +1


One onlyWhile equipped

Slot Item Modifier
Armor Jack of Wide Waters +2
Armor Sanguine Plate +2
Neck Mantle of the Excavator [WM2] +2
Head Rugged Wilderness Hat +2


One onlyDuration: see table

Item Modifier Duration
Rite of the Untamed Wild +3 120 s


One onlyDuration: see table

Area Inn Room Modifier Duration
Copperlane Goose and Fox Vixen's Burrow +1 2 rests
Hearthsong The Celestial Sapling Wanderer's Reprieve +1 2 rests
Caed Nua Brighthollow Warden's Lodge +2 3 rests


One only – For the protagonist only – Duration: see table

Prostitute Modifier Duration
Gjefa +1 1 rest

Buffs in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire[]

Passive effects[]

unlimited – obtained during gameplay

Name Modifier Duration
Granis' Training +1 Permanent
Savage Cunning +2 Permanent
Galawain's Blessing +2 Until rest


unlimited – bonus while equipped

Type Item Enchantment Modifier
Belt Huana Charm Belt Wayfarer +1
Cloak Ruata's Walking Cloak Well-traveled +1
Ring Chameleon's Touch Versatile +1 (as Druid)


unlimited – bonus while equipped to either self or party

Pet Target Modifier
Kaz Self +1

Consumable items[]

unlimited – for the user for a duration (sometimes only in combat)

Type Item Modifier Duration
Unguent Unguent of Animalism +2 120 sec

Notable uses in Pillars of Eternity[]

Quest dialogs[]

In quest related dialogs the player's Survival score may unlock options as a result of his knowledge about things related to the environment and how to deal with its dangers.

Quest Location NPC Description Survival required Other requirements
Clandestine Cargo Ondra's Gift Imatl Identify the creatures he described as animats. 7
Blood Legacy Dyrford VillageDracogen Inn (first floor) Lord Harond Tell him there are better roads to Eina's Rest than travelling through Dyrford. 5
Blood Legacy Dyrford Village Hendyna Know, she's speaking of pregnancy when asked about Lady Aelys. 4
A Farmer's Plight Dyrford Crossing Korgrak Tell him he can't hide here any longer. 9

Other dialogs[]

In dialogs, not related to certain quests, the player's Survival score may as well unlock additional conversation options.

Location NPC Description Survival required Other requirements
CopperlaneThe Goose and Fox Kaenra Have more detailed knowledge about svef when talking about her fiancé's old self. 2
CopperlaneScriveners' Dormitory Coren Guess he used some drugs. 2
Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 2 Barely living xaurip, lying on the floor in the northernmost chamber Examine it and find skin discolorments and ritualistic paint applied, additionally signs of a certain poison coinciding with the paintings. (Less detailed results possible with only [Perception 16].) 5

Notable uses in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire[]


Type Item Enchantment Stat Formula
Cloak Ruata's Walking Cloak Unburdened Stride (Survival * 0.005) + 1.15
Spear Mohorā Tanga Harpooning Bonus melee damage (Survival * 0.0025) + 1.05
War bow Saint Omaku's Mercy
Heavy Draw Bonus damage (Survival * 0.005) + 1.05
Decisive Shots Bonus damage (Survival * 0.005) + 1.1
Pike Ngati's Tusk [SSS] Hunter of Hunters Enemy defense debuff in AoE (Survival * -0.25) + -4