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Symbols of Death is a faction quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Captain Furrante has sent a messenger to summon the Watcher to Dunnage. The Príncipi, head of the Consuaglo mes Casitàs, wishes to discuss a potential business opportunity.


  • Head to Dunnage and the Balefire Beacon. Captain Furrante will cover matters with Benweth first, then proceed to the reason he asked you to come: The Floating Hangman, a ghost ship haunting the Deadfire. You can react with Bluff 8 to boast of your encounters with it, Arcana 8 to ask to document it, and History 6 regarding the accounts of a ship flying the Darcozzi flag. The options give a Minor Positive reptuation with the Príncipi. Furrante will then summon Selinia, a survivor of the latest attack by the Hangman on their fleet. You can question her on the attack, then Furrante will dismiss her.
  • He will ask you to keep the affair a secret from Aeldys. You can use Perception 17 to figure out that he and Aeldys are at odds regarding the values of the Príncipi, use Good 1 reputation with the faction to reply in kind, or wait for him to speak. He will then direct you to the Sacred Stair in Neketaka, to find Yseyr the Berathian. If you completed Eulogy for the Dead, you already have all the knowledge you need to complete the quest right here and now. Otherwise, you need to complete The Hanging Sepulchers and find all the eulogy tablets.
  • Next, he will ask you for assistance in a delicate matter...


  • During or after the completion of this quest, you'll have an encounter with The Floating Hangman first hand - though they spare you:
Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Out of nowhere, a heavy fog rolls over the ocean, so dense that you cannot see more than a dozen feet out from your ship. With the fog's arrival, the winds die. The waves calm. And The Defiant is left aimlessly drifting, the only sounds that of the hull groaning as if in dread of what's to come.

Eerie green lights pierce through the fog as the silhouette of a massive galleon approaches. Black sails, although tattered and rotting, catch in an otherworldly wind, slicing the ship forward at a rapid pace.

The captain - a skeleton outfitted in tarnished armor, with glowing eyes, surveys you from the quarter deck of the decaying galleon. She raps two fleshless fingers against her chest before pointing right at you.

"What the goddess of Death has marked, I will leave untouched." She nods solemnly, once, then with a tilt of her skull, steers the ship away. As the Floating Hangman turns, several undead sailors shamble across the deck, hungry for a look at your crew. They scratch at the chipped and rotted railing, heads rolling on their exposed spines.

The ship disappears back into the fog. A few minutes pass before the fog fully dissipates and the winds pick back up, rustling your sails. The sea is clear, empty. The other ship is nowhere to be found.



ID Objectives
0 Symbols of Death
10000 Captain Furrante has sent a messenger to summon me to Dunnage. The Príncipi, head of the Consuaglo mes Casitàs, wishes to discuss a potential business opportunity.
Alternate descriptions
40001 The Floating Hangman of the Deadfire is no mere legend. The banner of Lucia Rivan, a Darcozzi paladin of old, flies on the mast of this galleon. Furrante wants to find out more about Rivan's past and so learn how to fight this unnatural threat.
1 Speak with Captain Furrante in Dunnage.
10001 The head of the Príncipi's Consuaglo mes Casitàs waits for me in his tower at the pirate settlement of Dunnage.
2 Travel to the Sacred Stair district in Neketaka.
10002 The only lead to Lucia Rivan lies buried somewhere in the Sacred Stair in Neketaka.
3 Find the resting place of Yseyr the Berathian.
10003 Now that I have arrived in Neketaka's Sacred Stair district, I need to find out where Yseyr the Berathian was buried.
20000 I have learned that there is a temple dedicated to Berath within the Sacred Stair at Neketaka.
20005 I've learned that Yseyr rests under the Berathian temple, in a place called the Hanging Sepulchers.
20006 The entrance to the Hanging Sepulchers is outside the Temple of Berath, on its lower walkway.
4 Locate the tomb of Yseyr.
10004 I've entered a complex of catacombs under the Temple of Berath. This should be the place where Yseyr was buried.
20001 Kasu mentioned that Yseyr was entombed here, somewhere in the Hanging Sepulchers.
20002 I've read part of the Eulogy to Yseyr. His champion, Faywden, the Lady of Vigils, rode to battle wielding a mace.
20003 I've read part of the Eulogy to Yseyr. His champion, Borthwn, the Lord of Heldengate, fought the undead with a spear.
20004 A massive door, flanked by two skeletons clad in ceremonial armor, bars passage into an ancient chamber inside the Hanging Sepulchers.
5 Return to Captain Furrante.
10005 Now that I have learned of Lucia Rivan's past, Furrante will want to know of my findings.

Rivan returned from the dead after being killed by Yseyr. The Berathian tracked the Fonferrus, losing the ensuing fight at the Battle of Dusken Isle. Yseyr retreated to Neketaka and became undead to safeguard the powerful sword that Rivan wielded during her defeat - the Engoliero do Espirs.

End states
Yes 30000 I told Furrante about a new lead to the nature of the Floating Hangman. Lucia Rivan lost her life and powerful sword to Yseyr the Berathian.
No 30001 Someone critically important to this quest has died.