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Biography and appearance
Game The Forgotten Sanctum
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction Circle of Archmagi
Class Wizard
Location Temple of Revelation
Quests Annotated History
Under Observation
A Shout in the Dark
What, the prospect of sending a mountain of eyes and tentacles to wrestle Eothas isn't enticing enough for you?" Tayn chuckles softly. "Wouldn't it be boring to let a body like that moulder and rot? I think we can do better. I think Eora deserves better. Even if it knocks over a castle or two, I think the fun will justify the cost.

Tayn is one of the archmages of Eora, appearing in The Forgotten Sanctum.


An eccentric Aedyran archmage, Tayn is known for his power and chaotic personality. While a majority of his work is secreted away (likely due to being catastrophic failures), Tayn himself remains on the loose, bringing his own brand of craziness to Eora. Although at odds with his more formal colleagues, especially Llengrath, whom he consistently antagonizes by using the diminutive Llen, Tayn retains a seat on the council of archmages. Unlike Concelhaut, he is affable and mostly harmless, after all - at least, as long as his more mature colleagues keep an eye on him.

Aloth describes Tayn as an insult to the very concept of scholarship, which is mostly due to the fact that his rise to archmage was unorthodox. Tayn received a brilliant education courtesy of his father, who donated to the finest colleges in Aedyr, earning his son several free degrees until he actually found something he was good at. Once he found it, he latched on to it and perfected his art, without ever challenging himself beyond it. It granted him refinement, a place among the Circle, and the disappointment of his father: He always wanted an archmage in the family, but Tayn promptly dropped the surname later in life.

His work ethic is also completely different from the rest of the colleagues. Tayn relies entirely on raw, unvarnished instinct, rather than careful study, leading to the creation of spells and inventions that are as chaotic and unpredictable as their maker. His proudest (and first) achievement is Tayn's Chaotic Orb, which was released to applause, then just used as an (un)reliable offensive spells. Other creations are Tayn's Gratitude, Tayn's Chaotic Missiles, and Tayn's Scroll of Righteous Awakening, designed to reinstate memories in the hollowed-out people imprisoned in the Collections beneath The Black Isles... Completely at random.

His fellow mages hold a variety of opinions of him. Llengrath detests him as an insult to the profession, Citzal is, apparently, Tayn's pen pal (although he thinks the archmage is an orlan clockmaker), while Minoletta once pushed Tayn into a snake pit. Ninagauth mostly keeps to himself, while Kalakoth once allegedly shouted into Tayn's face so loud they both passed out. Arkemyr is, well, Arkemyr, to Tayn and everyone else. Ryngrim is the object of Tayn's intense friendship campaign, while Maura, apparently, is the sole mage who's actually on good terms with Tayn. According to him, at least.


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A Shout in the Dark

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Annotated History
Under Observation


  • Annotated History, Under Observation: In answering the call of Maura, he and Llengrath suggest that the Watcher spearhead the exploration of the ruins beneath the Black Isles that contain Wael's titanic body.
  • A Shout in the Dark: Tayn wants the Watcher to liberate the prisoners of Collections by randomly reinserting their memories. Wonderful.