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Teir Evron is a temple building within the Elms' Reach district of Twin Elms in Pillars of Eternity.


Oldest among the structures of Twin Elms is a stone tower known as Teir Evron (the Hall of Stars). The pinnacle of the tower is used for astrology and divine communication. Reminiscent of adra stones, the elm trees exhibit a tendency toward attracting souls that are "twinned' in some way, whether they were once halves of the same whole or interacted in some past of which the mortals are unaware. Perhaps as a result of this property, a pair of delemgan sisters attend to the trees in a vigil that predates the city itself.[1]

Points of interest[]


Note: For a complete list of random loot found in Teir Evron, see here.

On the west and north walls there are shelves containing several books with lore on the gods and their portfolios. Some of them contain information that you need to know in order to pray to a particular god successfully (see Council of Stars for spoilers):

Behind the scenes[]

Teir Evron, the Tower of the Stars had to be awesome, but we also had really limited space to work with. We intended to have statues for each of the gods, but then linking it to some narrative new ideas, we decided to put a kind of map on the floor illuminated by the tower itself, sort of like a star map. Then John Lewis - he's an awesome effects artist - came to the rescue of us crazy designers, and made a set of really cool special effects so that we could materialise our wild ideas into something tangible.
~ Jorge Salgado, Designer



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