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Portrait tekehu lg
PE2 Tekēhu
Biography and appearance
Game Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
Race Marine godlike
Gender Male
Culture Deadfire Archipelago
Background Artist
Faction Huana
Subclass [[Watershaper
Level 4
  • Health: 70
Accuracy 33
Penetration 7
Defenses Def: 34 Fort: 38 Ref: 42 Will: 53
DR 5
Elemental DR Slash: 5
Pierce: 5
Crush: 5
Shock: 5
Freeze: 5
Burn: 5
Corrode: 5
Abilities Bewildering Blows, Defensive Strike, Blast, Wave Walker, Two-Handed Style, Spiritshift Shark, Nature's Mark, Ondra's Whip, Tanglefoot, Blizzard, The Moon's Light, Woodskin
Skills Alchemy 1
Arcana 3
Athletics 1
Explosives 2
Mechanics 1
Sleight of Hand 1
Bluff 2
Diplomacy 1
History 3
Insight 1
Metaphysics 3
Religion 1
Survival 1
Location Watershapers Guild
Quests Trade Secrets
The Shadow Under Neketaka
Companion Permanent
Drops 2x Ripple Sponge, 3x Potion of Moderate Healing, 2x Potion of Spirit Shield, Egg
Body Watershaper's Robe
Weapon Watershaper's Focus
Internal Name
GUID b1a7e805-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

Tekēhu is a male marine godlike chanter and/or druid, and a recruitable companion in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Background[ | ]

A powerful aumaua godlike with anemone-like glowing hair, Tekehu is a young, talented member of the Watershapers Guild of the Huana, considered touched by Ngati. He has a wealth of magical talent, good training, and unfortunately, not a whole lot of humility. As such, he constantly gets on the nerves of Guildmaster Mairu with his antics, like trying to get to the Palace without an appointment and especially skipping lectures. It is a natural result of a life without friction or challenge resulting from his status and prominence among the Huana. Ondra would have the Watcher provide him with guidance, to realize his natural potential and find the strength within.

Tekehu belongs to the Kahanga tribe, the most powerful of Huana tribes and the one currently at the helm of the tribal confederation. His particular people come from Etūa, a small island not marked on any map. Although he considers Ngati to be his true mother, he remembers his biological parents. His mother tans boar hides, while the father trades in pearls and opals available on their island in abundance. His birth was accompanied by a terrific storm that tore through the village and only stopped when he made it to the midwife's basket. His childhood was filled with swimming and learning from his father how to dive for pearls and azata snails. His coming of age coincided with the intensifying efforts by Rauatai and the Republics to subjugate the Deadfire Archipelago. As Ngati's chosen, Tekehu was considered an omen to all of Huana and fast-tracked into the Watershapers Guild.

He continued his education and training since then, though royal favor and reverence shown him in early life coalesced into the kind of arrogant personality that grates on the nerves of pretty much every other Watershaper.

Interactions[ | ]

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Trade Secrets
The Shadow Under Neketaka

Quests[ | ]

Companion[ | ]

  • The class options available to Tekēhu are the chanter subclass Stormspeaker, the druid subclass Watershaper, or a multiclass of the two (Theurge).
    • Stormspeaker is Tekēhu's unique chanter subclass, which gains a selection of elemental invocations, but loses access to Summon invocations.
    • Watershaper is Tekēhu's unique druid subclass, which gains a selection of water-based spells (including foe-only versions of AoE Frost spells) but loses access to Fire and Creature druid spells. His unique spiritshift form is shark, which is immune to Dexterity afflictions.

Reputation[ | ]

  • Tekēhu likes:
    • Progressive: Believes in outlooks and actions that seek to reform society and are not held by traditional ideas.
    • Pro-Godlike: Believes that the godlike are inherently beneficial influences on Eora, impacting religion and society for the better.
    • Piety: Is pious and believes other should show respect and reverence for religions and the gods.
    • Pro-Huana: Supports the various Huana tribes and communities of the Deadfire Archipelago.
    • Lighthearted: Appreciates jokes and levity in life, even in the darkest of circumstances.
    • Pride: Respects those with a healthy sense of self-worth and the candor to be open about it.
  • Tekēhu dislikes:
    • Anti-Huana: Does not respond well to criticism against or hostility toward the Huana culture or its people.
    • Pro-Rauatai: Dislikes and opposes Rauatai and the Royal Deadfire Company.

Relationships[ | ]

  • Tekēhu is likely to have a negative relationship with Maia Rua as an agent of the Royal Deadfire Company.
  • Tekēhu will easily have a positive view of Xoti, often calling her "friend Xoti".
  • Tekēhu's pro-godlike sentiments leads to him trying to establish a kinship with Pallegina, but is kept at a distance due to the latter's anti-godlike sentiments.
  • The Watcher can romance Tekēhu after advancing through the Huana quest line.

Deadfire endings[ | ]

Tekēhu's ending changes depending on two choices:

  1. Convince him to help guide the Huana (or not) through various conversations (see below).
  2. If you take him with you to Ukaizo (or not), where he can find lost water shaping knowledge at Ondra's Spire.
Before adding him to the party.

After chosing "I take it you and the guildmaster don't get along."

"Watershaping is Ngati's gift to the Huana, and apparently I am, too. Savior to the tribes - pah!" Leadership
   → "So push back a little. Test your boundaries." -1
   → "You certainly are. I can tell why they revere you." 1
   → "Shouldn't you be just a little grateful?" -1
   → "Sounds like they put a lot of pressure on you." -1
"The only question is do I return to my duties or while away a few hours at the bathhouse?"
   → "The bathhouse. Definitely the bathhouse." -1
   → "Consider your responsibilities first." 1
After recruiting him.

After chosing "The Kahanga royalty seem very taken with you."

"I say the goddess touched me for more than enriching one tribe, glorifying one island." Leadership
   → "I can tell you don't want to be anyone's savior." -1
   → "You give people hope, Tekēhu." 1
"Many think that I have a duty to the Huana. I say... I am the only one unconvinced."
   → "I'm the lady/lord of Caed Nua, but you don't see me rebuilding my keep." -1
   → "No one stands in your way but you." -1
   → "The Huana need someone like you to unite the tribes." 1
   → "You're being strangely dismissive of your worth." 1
After completing Trade Secrets.
"You have walked the length of Neketaka's spine. How would you serve the needs of all these people at once?" Leadership
   → "I'd start with what you have and find a better system." 1
   → "I'd collaborate on a new plan for the city." 1
   → "I would let people organize their lives as they saw fit." -1
   → "I'd stay out of it - fix nothing, break nothing." -1
After completing The Shadow Under Neketaka.
"To inspire the world with Ngati's gift... this is my calling." Leadership
   → "Watershaping keeps the peace no matter how it changed over the years." 1
   → "Neketaka needs your strength. See that the guild remembers that." 1
   → "The guild doesn't deserve you." -1
   → "The guild needs you more than you need them. Go your own way." -1
After starting Act 3.
"The tribes will look to ME to bridge the gap between out past and our future. A... heavy responsibility, I say." Leadership
   → "This should empower you, not paralyze you." 1
   → "You're too quick to cave to pressure." -1
"I would discover what our ancestors forgot. The covenant is more important than ever."
   → "The tribes are unified but vulnerable. Ukaizo could make them strong again." 1
   → "The future of the Huana is in Mataru hands. Have faith in that." -1
   → "Learn what you can from Ukaizo, but let the tribes find their own way." -1
   → "Ukaizo belongs to all the people of the Deadfire. You have a duty to serve them." 1

Behind the scenes[ | ]

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