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Returns the full, unlinked name of the base game that an expansion/DLC belongs to. This can be used to quickly identify the game that an added_in field belongs to. If the value passed isn't known, the returns nothing.




  • Returns "Pillars of Eternity":
poe1, px1, wm1, px2, wm2,dp
  • Returns "Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire":
poe2, bow, lax2, sss, lax1, tfs, lax3, laxa, laxb,laxc, laxd, laxe, laxf, laxg

You can also pass a second parameter, the short name of a base game to check the first parameter against. If the first parameter is contained in the second (the DLC is contained in the base game), the template returns the full name of the base game, otherwise it returns nothing.

{{basegame|wm1|poe}} --> Pillars of Eternity
{{basegame|laxa|poe2}} --> Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
{{basegame|wm1|poe2}} -->

This can be used to check if an expansion is in a specific base game, for example:

{{#if: {{basegame|laxa|poe2}} | Stuff to do if true | Stuff to do if false }}