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Icon Name Item type Enchantments
Pistol fellstroke icon.png Fellstroke [WM1] Pistol
Leather armor night runner icon.png Night-Runner Leather armor
Scale armor scales of the raven icon.png Scales of the Raven Scale armor
Hide armor seven skuldrs worth icon.png Seven Skuldr's-Worth Hide armor
Boots of stealth icon.png Boots of Stealth Boots
Boots cat whisper icon.png Cat's Whisper
Hat hood icon.png Footpad's Hood Hat
Boots naasitaqi icon.png Naasitaqi Boots Boots
Cape 05 icon.png Tax Collector's Mantle [WM2] Cloak

Icon Name Item type Enchantments
Shield medium ilfan byrngars solace icon.png Ilfan Byrngar's Solace Medium shield
Shield small little savior icon.png Little Savior Small shield
Hide armor blaidh golan icon.png Blaidh Golan Hide armor
Helm ram horn icon.png Garodh's Chorus [WM1] Helmet
Helm he carries many scars icon.png He Carries Many Scars Helm [WM2] Helmet
Boots malinas icon.png Malina's Boots Boots
Ring thorns icon.png Ring of Thorns Ring

Icon Name Item type Enchantments
Hunting bow lenas er icon.png Lenas Êr Hunting bow
Arquebus pliambo per casitas icon.png Pliambo per Casitàs Arquebus
Rod of pale shades icon.png Rod of Pale Shades Rod
Blunderbuss scon micas roar icon.png Scon Mica's Roar Blunderbuss
War hammer strike hard icon.png Strike Hard War hammer
Spear vile loner icon.png The Vile Loner's Lance Spear
Estoc the white spire icon.png The White Spire Estoc