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Template-info.png Template documentation

Used to display all items of a specific item_type. Uses the row template Template:Cargo items row to format the output.


{{Cargo items|<item_type_1>|[item_type_2]|[item_type_3]}}


1, 2, 3
Numbered parameters to defined up to three item types to include in the query.
Optional, pass yes to include only unique items, or no to include only non-unique items.
Optional, pass yes to include only items with enchantments, or no to include only items without enchantments.
Optional, pass no to exclude the enchantments column, otherwise it is always included.
Optional, pass no to exclude the locations column, otherwise it is always included.


{{Cargo items|Hat}}

Icon Name Value Enchantments Location
Helm fortanero icon.png Captain Fortanero's Hat 10Copper pands (cp)
Helm cl helm11 bandana icon.png Cloth Bandana 10Copper pands (cp)
Px4 hat company captains cap icon.png Company Captain's Cap [DP]
1,640Copper pands (cp)
Hat crested icon.png Crested Hat 10Copper pands (cp)
Hat crossed patch icon.png Crossed Patch [WM2] 310Copper pands (cp)
Helm diseased yak icon.png Dandy Hat of the Diseased Yak 610Copper pands (cp)
Hat duelist icon.png Duelist's Hat 10Copper pands (cp)
Px2 hat executioners hood icon.png Executioner's Hood [WM2] 1,010Copper pands (cp)
Hat floppy icon.png Floppy Hat 10Copper pands (cp)
Hat hood icon.png Footpad's Hood 600Copper pands (cp)
Helm hermit icon.png Hermit's Hat 710Copper pands (cp)
Hat hood icon.png Hood 10Copper pands (cp)
Hat hooded turban icon.png Hooded Turban 10Copper pands (cp)
Hat turban kana icon.png Kana's Turban 210Copper pands (cp)
Hat lavender wreath icon.png Lavender Wreath 510Copper pands (cp)
Hat liripipe of thinking icon.png Liripipe of Thinking 600Copper pands (cp)
Helm munacra arret icon.png Munacra Arret 510Copper pands (cp)
Hat padded cap icon.png Padded Cap 10Copper pands (cp)
Hat rugged wilderness icon.png Rugged Wilderness Hat 600Copper pands (cp)
  • Dracogen Inn, Dyrford Village: Looted from a villager standing next to the bottom corner table, just south of Sid (however, he cannot be killed without turning the whole inn hostile)
  • [WM1] Crägholdt: Inside a locked chest in Pelden's lab (Difficulty 10).
  • Random loot item spawning in various locations (2×).
Helm cl skaen01 icon.png Skaen Cultist Hood 10Copper pands (cp)
Helm cl skaen initiate icon.png Skaen Initiate's Hood 10Copper pands (cp)
Hat soft icon.png Soft Hat 10Copper pands (cp)
Hat witchs hat icon.png The Witch's Hat [WM2] 810Copper pands (cp)
Hat thimble icon.png Thimble Hat 10Copper pands (cp)
Hat tricorne icon.png Tricorne Hat 10Copper pands (cp)
Hat fur icon.png Tundra Hood [WM1] 10Copper pands (cp)
Hat turban icon.png Turban 10Copper pands (cp)
Ultimate hat of alluring perfection icon.png Ultimate Hat of Alluring Perfection [WM1]
1,210Copper pands (cp)
Hat waages hat of leadership icon.png Waage's Hat of Leadership 210Copper pands (cp)
Hat woedica hood icon.png Woedica Hood 10Copper pands (cp)