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Used to display a list of items of a specific item_type. Similar to Template:Cargo items poe2, but only shows the item name and image.

  • If the first parameter isn't provided, 1=1 will be substituted, searching over all item_types. The item_type column will be also shown.
  • Since multiple "subtypes" exist (e.g. Hats, Helms / Gloves, Gauntlets, Bracers) you can pass an optional second and third unnamed parameters to also show items of those types.
  • You can pass the named parameter "unique" (e.g. unique=yes) to only display unique items of that type.
  • You can pass the named parameter "soulbound" (e.g. soulbound=yes) to only display soulbound items of that type.


{{Cargo items poe2|Hat|Helm|unique=no}}