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This template allows to use Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire's currency icon instead of a typed "cp" when it comes e.g. to values and quest rewards, simultaneously linking via a redirect to Currency while displaying "Copper pands (cp)" in the tooltip. It's intended to be placed with a value, for example a quest reward when mentioned in an article's walkthrough section. Most infoboxes use it automatically.

It can be used with the value as parameter, which will format the number in the locale of the viewer, and additionally contain both the icon and text in a non-breaking span (via the css property white-space:nowrap). If used without a parameter, it simply displays the icon. The icon does not expand line height.





will create

Copper pands (cp)1,234

{{cp2}} 1234

will create

Copper pands (cp) 1234

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