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This template is used to convert a Pillars of Eternity item/weapon/armor/shield type string to a link to the associated article, with the input as the link label. This was done to reduce clutter, unify this process, and avoid code duplication across templates that might already do this.

In addition to item type, it also handles item categories.

An equivalent template exists for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire item types: Template:Item type poe2.


  • The input parameter is not case sensitive.
  • The input parameter does not accept pluralized variants.
  • The input parameter will be used as a label, and will maintain its original capitalization.
  • If an input is not provided, the template will not output anything.
  • If an input is invalid, the template will output an error. You can use iferror to check for this.
  • Using a custom link label via {{!}} is not supported, though you can provide a separate second parameter (can be empty to use the link text) to do this if you want. The second parameter will maintain the input case.
  • This template defines the variable item_type_page, though it is only used to simplify the logic for the invalid check. It is set to nothing after every use.

The following table outlines what is produced given the input.

Input Output Output without label
Weapon Weapon Weapons
Arbalest Arbalest Arbalests
Arquebus Arquebus Arquebuses
Battle axe Battle axe Battle axes
Blunderbuss Blunderbuss Blunderbusses
Club Club Clubs
Crossbow Crossbow Crossbows
Dagger Dagger Daggers
Estoc Estoc Estocs
Flail Flail Flails
Great sword Great sword Great swords
Hatchet Hatchet Hatchets
Hunting bow Hunting bow Hunting bows
Mace Mace Maces
Morning star Morning star Morning stars
Pike Pike Pikes
Pistol Pistol Pistols
Pollaxe Pollaxe Pollaxes
Quarterstaff Quarterstaff Quarterstaffs
Rapier Rapier Rapiers
Rod Rod Rods
Sabre Sabre Sabres
Scepter Scepter Scepters
Spear Spear Spears
Stiletto Stiletto Stilettos
Sword Sword Swords
Wand Wand Wands
War bow War bow War bows
War hammer War hammer War hammers
Armor Armor Armor
Light armor Light armor Armor#Light_armor
Medium armor Medium armor Armor#Medium_armor
Heavy armor Heavy armor Armor#Heavy_armor
Cloth armor Cloth armor Cloth armor
Hide armor Hide armor Hide armor
Leather armor Leather armor Leather armor
Padded armor Padded armor Padded armor
Breastplate Breastplate Breastplates
Mail armor Mail armor Mail armor
Scale armor Scale armor Scale armor
Brigandine Brigandine Brigandines
Plate armor Plate armor Plate armor
Robe Robe Robes
Shield Shield Shields
Small shield Small shield Small shields
Medium shield Medium shield Medium shields
Large shield Large shield Large shields
Clothing Clothing Pillars of Eternity clothing
Boots Boots Pillars of Eternity boots
Cape, cloak Cloak* Pillars of Eternity cloaks
Handwear Handwear Pillars of Eternity handwear
Bracers, gauntlets, gloves Bracers* Pillars of Eternity handwear
Headgear Headgear Pillars of Eternity headgear
Hat, helm Hat* Pillars of Eternity headgear
Accessory Accessory Pillars of Eternity accessories
Amulet, necklace, torc Amulet* Pillars of Eternity amulets
Ring Ring Pillars of Eternity rings
Belt Belt Pillars of Eternity belts
Consumable Consumable Consumables
Food Food Pillars of Eternity food and drink
Drink Drink Pillars of Eternity food and drink
Drug Drug Pillars of Eternity drugs
Figurine Figurine Pillars of Eternity figurines
Potion Potion Pillars of Eternity potions
Scroll Scroll Pillars of Eternity scrolls
Poison Poison Pillars of Eternity poisons
Trap Trap Pillars of Eternity traps
Ingredient Ingredient Pillars of Eternity crafting#Ingredients
Monster part Monster part Pillars of Eternity crafting#Monster parts
Plant Plant Pillars of Eternity crafting#Plants
Gem Gem Pillars of Eternity crafting#Gems
Other items
Other item Other item Pillars of Eternity other items
Currency Currency Currency
Book, document, journal, letter, note Book* Books and documents
Grimoire Grimoire Pillars of Eternity grimoires
Pet Pet Pillars of Eternity pets
Key Key Pillars of Eternity keys
Tool Tool Tools
Quest item Quest item Pillars of Eternity quest items
Misc item Misc item Pillars of Eternity misc items
Invalid output
swodr Invalid item type! See Template:Item type for more info.

* Varies depending on the input.

This is the documentation page, it should be transcluded into the main template page. See Template:Doc for more information.