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Stores the LootItems contained in LootLists. Multiple instances of this template should be placed, in order, between Template:Lootlist/start and Template:Lootlist/end. Instead of having one template/table for lists and items, having items in a separate table makes rows more defined and (in some instances) easier to work with.


| lootlist = Currency_0_1
| position = 0
| item     = BUX_Copper_Pand_1cp
| page     = Copper Pand
| count    = 25
| weight   = 1
| always   = no


The template takes the following named parameters:

lootlist or l (String)

The name/identifier of the LootList that this LootItem belongs to. This value should not be provided, and will automatically be filled with the name field of the encapsulated Template:Lootlist via an exposed variable defined in said template.

position or i (Integer)

The index/position of the LootItem in the LootList. This value should not be provided, and will be calculated using an exposed variable which is incremented at the end of each call to this template, and is reset at the start of a new Template:Lootlist.
The field name "index" cannot be used since it's an SQL keyword.

item (String)

The debug name of the item or LootList.

page (Page)

The display/page name of the item (only if this LootItem is an item). This should be provided to avoid an extra, unnecessary cargo query just to get the page name of an item.

is_lootlist (Boolean)

Should be "yes" if the LootItem is a nested lootlist.

count (Integer, default = 1)

The amount of the item, or number of iterations of the LootList.

weight (Integer, default = 1)

The random weighting of this LootItem, default is 1 - though it isn't considered for LootItems that should always spawn.

always (Boolean, default = no)

A boolean to indicate that this LootItem should always be present in the loot. Should either be yes or no