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Template-info.png Template documentation
Outputs the two classes that a multiclass consists of.

For example:


Results in:

Fighter + Wizard


  • 1 (required) - The string to test, should be a multiclass name.
  • 2 (optional) - The format to return the output in. This can be anything, but should include the strings $1 and $2, which will be substituted with the two output classes.
    • If a format is unspecified, the result will be in the format [[$1]] + [[$2]].
    • If specified, a third format string $3 will be substituted with the input string.
    • No checks are made to ensure the format contains any of the replacement terms, so if the input parameter is valid then the format string will simply be returned on its own.


  • The input is not case-sensitive.
  • The non-formatted output class names will always be capitalized and unlinked.
  • If a non-multiclass or invalid string is passed, an empty string is returned.
  • The order of the output is always alphabetical, though you should not rely on the presence of a specific output.
  • This template is not intended to work in the opposite direction, it only converts multiclasses to classes.
  • Can be used to check if a string is a multiclass, with
{{#if: {{Multiclass|Battlemage}} | yes | no }} -> yes
  • Can be used to check if a multiclass contains a specific class (assuming the format outputs both classes, and keeping in mind the output case) with
{{#if: {{#pos:{{Multiclass|Battlemage}} | Wizard }} | yes | no }} --> yes

Output list

Input $1 $2 Formatted output
howler Barbarian Chanter Barbarian + Chanter
witch Barbarian Cipher Barbarian + Cipher
tempest Barbarian Druid Barbarian + Druid
brute Barbarian Fighter Barbarian + Fighter
ravager Barbarian Monk Barbarian + Monk
shaman Barbarian Priest Barbarian + Priest
savage Barbarian Ranger Barbarian + Ranger
marauder Barbarian Rogue Barbarian + Rogue
warlock Barbarian Wizard Barbarian + Wizard
spiritualist Chanter Cipher Chanter + Cipher
theurge Chanter Druid Chanter + Druid
war caller Chanter Fighter Chanter + Fighter
cantor Chanter Monk Chanter + Monk
herald Chanter Paladin Chanter + Paladin
celebrant Chanter Priest Chanter + Priest
wildrhymer Chanter Ranger Chanter + Ranger
harbinger Chanter Rogue Chanter + Rogue
loremaster Chanter Wizard Chanter + Wizard
oracle Cipher Druid Cipher + Druid
psyblade Cipher Fighter Cipher + Fighter
transcendent Cipher Monk Cipher + Monk
inquisitor Cipher Paladin Cipher + Paladin
mystic Cipher Priest Cipher + Priest
seer Cipher Ranger Cipher + Ranger
mindstalker Cipher Rogue Cipher + Rogue
hierophant Cipher Wizard Cipher + Wizard
warden Druid Fighter Druid + Fighter
ascetic Druid Monk Druid + Monk
liberator Druid Paladin Druid + Paladin
universalist Druid Priest Druid + Priest
beastmaster Druid Ranger Druid + Ranger
pathfinder Druid Rogue Druid + Rogue
sorcerer Druid Wizard Druid + Wizard
brawler Fighter Monk Fighter + Monk
crusader Fighter Paladin Fighter + Paladin
cleric Fighter Priest Fighter + Priest
hunter Fighter Ranger Fighter + Ranger
swashbuckler Fighter Rogue Fighter + Rogue
battlemage Fighter Wizard Fighter + Wizard
votary Monk Paladin Monk + Paladin
contemplative Monk Priest Monk + Priest
wanderer Monk Ranger Monk + Ranger
shadowdancer Monk Rogue Monk + Rogue
sage Monk Wizard Monk + Wizard
templar Paladin Priest Paladin + Priest
shepherd Paladin Ranger Paladin + Ranger
holy slayer Paladin Rogue Paladin + Rogue
arcane knight Paladin Wizard Paladin + Wizard
itinerant Priest Ranger Priest + Ranger
zealot Priest Rogue Priest + Rogue
thaumaturge Priest Wizard Priest + Wizard
scout Ranger Rogue Ranger + Rogue
geomancer Ranger Wizard Ranger + Wizard
spellblade Rogue Wizard Rogue + Wizard