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This is the row template used in the Template:pe2crafttable.

These should be directly copied from Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire master list of unique gear upgrades


Mod Effect Cost Ingredients Mod removed
Legendary +60% Damage, +16 Accuracy, +4 Penetration Copper pands (cp)30,000 1 2 2 Superb


|mod  = 
|effect = 
|cost = 
|ing1 = 
|q1   = 
|ing2 = 
|q2   = 
|ing3 = 
|q3   = 
|ing4 = 
|q4   = 
|ing5 = 
|q5   = 
|removed = 
<!-- Add more pe2craftmod's here -->


Most of these values are sourced from the master list - the information here is only for documentation purposes.

Required. The name of the upgrade/enchantment, sourced from a guid lookup using the template Template:Pe2mod.
For example: mod={{pe2mod|8b93c088-542b-46a8-a5a3-df0e74854157}} results in Legendary
Required. The effect that the upgrade provides. This should always be the text under "Statistics", in the in-game enchanting window, though can be shortened if this is too long. Enchantments that grant abilities should be linked to the ability, where applicable.
For example: effect=+60% Damage, +16 Accuracy, +4 Penetration
If the enchantment page for this upgrade exists, you can also use the template Template:Cargo enchantment effects, which prints the effects of a enchantment given it's name. This option is preferable.
For example: effect={{Cargo enchantment effects|Legendary weapon (Deadfire)}}
Required. The cost of the upgrade. Should always be a number, is used as a value in the template Template:cp2.
For example: cost=30000
Required. An ingredient of this upgrade recipe, where X is the ingredient number starting from 1. Feel free to omit unused slots. This should always be a guid which will be passed to the template Template:pe2ingredient. This template contains a lookup table which translates the guid to the associated icon as a Template:ficon. If the guid doesn't exist in the lookup table, ask User:Tagaziel to add it, or feel free to add it yourself.
For example: ing2=501e3e97-52e1-4385-9612-5ee2788c0e2d
Required. The quantity of the ingredient, where X is the ingredient number starting from 1. This should be a number.
For example: q2=1
Required. The enchantment that will be removed if this enchantment is applied. This should be a guid, and is internally passed to the template Template:Pe2mod, which will return it's name.
For example: removed=4aa940c7-6a95-4be7-ad33-651afb6d5dde