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This citation template works just like <references/>, but with automatical placing of the section header and optional formatting options.


  • Using {{References}} is the same as inserting
== References ==
  • Using {{References|column-width}} will create columns with a minimum width, allowing the browser to automatically choose the number of columns based on the width of your web browser, e.g. {{References|30em}} will create a four-column list on full 1920 screen width, reduced to three columns with right floating elements, such as an infobox. {{References|45em}} will create a two-column list on full 1920 screen width.
  • Using {{References|column-count}} will create a reference list with the specified number of columns, e.g. {{References|2}} will create a two-column list.

The template should be used on pages with many short references, to compact the reference section below, avoiding a "references" spam at the bottom. Choose a column width or number that is appropriate for the average width of the references on the page. Keep in mind that others have different screen resolutions, so it's recommended to go with Wikipedia's default 30em width or 2 columns.