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The Temple of Eothas is a ruined temple to the god Eothas located in Gilded Vale. It can be entered through a trapdoor by the corpse tree.


The Temple of Eothas was a grand temple to the god of the same name. It was such a prominent temple that it attracted followers of Eothas from all over Dyrwood and even Readceras. Once Waidwen's Legacy began, Lord Raedric believed that worship of Eothas was causing the birth of Hollowborn babies, and he sent soldiers in to wipe out any Eothas worshipers and seal up the temple. The spirits of the slain priests haunt the ruins as Shadows, leaving the temple dangerous and inhospitable.

Points of interest[]

Upper level
  • The upper level of the temple is fairly straightforward. You start in an antechamber with Wirtan and a symbol of Eothas on the floor. The room beyond is a hallways, with satellite rooms containing wisps, spiders, and some minor loot (plus A Letter Home on the table). Straight ahead lies a dormitory (left) and a corridor leading deeper into the ruins (right).
  • The corridor exits into a chapel. Approaching the altar at the end triggers out an encounter with a spirit (you can strike it if you are Aggressive). Interacting with it will shed some light on the events in the temple.
  • The room beyond contains the temple's study. Loot the shelves and especially the overturned table for a fine sword. The northern exit leads to the rextrix's library. Use stealth to pilfer a scroll, an Engraved Silver Key, and Rectrix's Letter.
  • The other exit leads to a ruined common hall with more skuldr. Continuing down south lies the baths room with even more vermin and a healing pool. The crate opposite is trapped and contains random loot. In the other direction lies the entrance to the lower levels.
  • To open the door, you need to sound the bells in the following order: Right, middle, left, right.
Lower level
  • The landing will prompt a comment from Edér (if present). Be advised, the lower level is chock full of shadows and other specters, who are a tad deadlier than the vermin upstairs. The corridor gives two options: The door to the side and the door straight ahead to the southwest.
  • The southwest leads to a door and a storeroom with two shadows. Use the doorframe to force them to attack one by one (much more manageable), then loot it. The upper chest contains random loot and is trapped, while the lower will yield a fine estoc. Through it you can access the main chamber that runs across the entire west portion of the level (the door in the first corridor exits to the same room, but to the northeast).
  • Down to the southwest is a burial room with no less than four shadows inside. It's a challenging combat. Use it for resting and remember to loot it (preferably after disarming the trap in the central sarcophagus... And killing the phantom that spawns).
  • The central corridor leads to three rooms. The one in the southwest, overlooking a flooded lower level, contains three shadows and a winch for lowering the water level below. You can head down there to kill some oozes and pilfer the robe for a Gleaming Silver Key.
  • The second room, counter-clockwise, contains a derelict dormitory with four shadows. After dispatching them you can loot the chests to find A Crumpled Note. The third room (or door) leads to a long corridor that terminates in a pool (with the assorted oozes and a shadow) and further an exit to a hidden room on the upper level and a hidden shelter on this one. Use the lever on the wall to open it. Turns out, this was a shelter for Eothasian priests and the relics they carried... Except it could only be opened from the outside. Enter it and interact with the soul to learn of the hideous truth: All the priests who took shelter here were promised relief by Wirtan, who was supposed to return and release them. Unfortunately for them, help never came, and they all died a slow, agonizing death of thirst, eventually cannibalizing one another. Loot the place, the dead don't mind. Don't miss Gaun's Share in a hidden stash in the corner.
  • The last room on the level, the one in the northeastern corner, contains another chapel with several shadows and a phantom. It's optional, but there's a hidden stash there that can be uncovered for some gems.
Finding the hidden room
  • It can be accessed from the reflecting pool via the northeastern exit. Take it to reach a room with some skuldr and The Pilgrim's Lasting Vigil on the statue. Take the stairs. The hidden room marks the terminus of the path, and the rite of coming of age for Eothasian worshippers in the past. Edér will reminisce upon arrival.. And you can annoy him by snuffing out a candle.




Notable loot[]


Note: For a complete list of fixed and random loot found in the Temple of Eothas, see here.

Upper level[]

Southeastern rooms:
Wooden Box:
Northeastern rooms:
Loose Brick (smaller hall):
Loose Brick (larger hall):
Northern hall:
Southwestern rooms:

Lower level[]

Western half:
Eastern half:

Behind the scenes[]

  • This area contains developer commentary.
The temple of Eothas was intended to be an archetypal gothic dungeon, with big archways and trick sconces and such. We looked at a lot of cathedrals, tabletop tile sets, that kind of thing. On paper each of these rooms had a listed purpose and name, though I quickly decided that the privvy's had been buried under rubble. The bell puzzle in here went through a couple of iterations. We made sure to stick [the] key in Rectrix's office, and have Wirtan provide some hints, and that seemed to balance things out. But as a word of advice; don't do bell puzzles.
~ Olivia Veras, Junior Designer