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The Temple of Hylea is a wilderness area in Pillars of Eternity. It is accessed via Northweald.


This ancient temple was erected by Engwithans in ages past, and was adapted by the Glanfathans for the worship of Hylea. In recent times, a sky dragon took a liking to the temple and attacked it, burning a few of the faithful, scattering the rest, and settling in.

Points of interest[]

  • The temple is a single, open space overlooking the peaks of the mountain range. Getting there is harder and will require using either a hammer and chisel to clear the way, or high stats. Otherwise, your least nimble character will get a whipping due to the avalanche caused by the dragon.
  • Moving around on the lower ledge, you can find a Cloudsinger Songbird in a lootable nest, for the quest Songs of The Wild.
  • In the center of the temple is the Sky Dragon, who you will need to deal with to resolve The Nest Above the Clouds.


Related quests[]


Notable loot[]

Note: All loot is considered stealing, and will start a fight if caught - but the southernmost bone pile is far enough away to be stolen without being seen


Note: For a complete list of random loot found in Temple of Hylea, see here.
Container (nest on the lower ledge):
Bone Pile (north):
Bone Pile (south):

Behind the scenes[]

  • The map was originally intended to be placed in Oldsong, but was later moved to a mountain range peak, to better space the locations out.
  • This area contains developer commentary.
The Nest, Hylea's temple. This area was first aslotted to appear in Oldsong, the temple district of Twin Elms, but then Bobby and I during one of our many conversations about how to spread our world maps locations, sort of decided that it was a cool idea to have it appear elsewhere. From the start this place was meant to be an open-air shrine, it's after all the shrine of the goddess of the sky and the birds. So at first this was supposed to happen atop a tower, but after our decision I blocked this out as a temple nested on a mountain peak. April Giron immediately loved the blockout and said "Oh, you know what I really like that", and I replied "Cool, want to take a stab at it?" The result was a fantastic scene, really. Whenever people feel really passionate about something it's best to let them run with it and see where it goes.
~ Jorge Salgado, Designer