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Temple of Revelation is a location in The Forgotten Sanctum.


Hidden beneath the Hall of the Unseen on The Black Isles, the Temple of Revelation composes the topmost layer of the temple devoted to Wael: A massive facility full of obscure and even dangerous knowledge squirreled away by creatures devoted to the God of Mysteries.

Points of interest[]

  • The Temple is a hub connecting the auxiliary areas of the DLC. To the northwest, where a tentacle of Wael's tears away a portion of the balcony, is the exit to the Deadfire Archipelago, while exits to other parts of the facility lie in the other cardinal directions: The Enclosures to the southwest, Hall of the Unseen to the southeast, and The Central Stacks in the northeast, with The Scriptorium stairs beyond.
  • In the center, around the fountain, are the archmages and their representatives: Tayn himself, Llengrath, and Drowsy Puke, representing Arkemyr.
  • Note that deciding which wing to tackle first will determine who you face later on in the temple: Maura or Fyonlecg (Collections and Archives respectively).