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Temple of Toamowhai is a location in Seeker, Slayer, Survivor.


The ancient temple to the Huana aspect of Galawain, this massive structure is the site of constant contests and fights between people striving to gain the favor of the Lord of the Hunt. It was constructed in ancient times as a tribute to the souls of all life: Predator, prey, and the primal dance binding them all together. The walls of the arena eventually absorbed enough souls of the slain and defeated to grant the Faces a divine-like status on the island, becoming lords over Kazuwari. The Crucible is the topmost part of the Temple of Toamowhai, which contains the proving grounds and the spectator stalls allowing visitors to Kazuwari to observe the spectacle.

Points of interest[]

  • The arena is organized in a semicircle. The Hall of Memories with the Pool and Humaire is in an isolated room to the northwest, with Humaire's bedroom nearby. In the center is the exit to the docks and spectator seats, while the inn is in the northeast.
  • The merchants congregate to the northeast, by the entrance to the champion stalls. Caretta and Winge are just by the stairs, while Neale is next to the entrance.
  • The room beside her contains the arena barracks overseen by Domenga.
  • Cook Corrin mans the kitchen by the central hall.
  • On the far end of the semicircle is the Pool of Memories hall, where Humaire and Engari work.
  • The arena has two distinct parts. The arena itself is a central circular field where the constants fight to prove themselves before the Faces, with the surrounding passageways flooding whenever a trial is in progress. The spectator stalls give a commanding view of the arena, but are entirely separate, with VIP lodges at each end of the semi-circle. The massive statue portraying the Faces of the Hunt overlooks the arena and observes the trials in progress.