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The Temple of Woedica is a still-functioning temple dedicated to Woedica. Although the surface portion was destroyed during the revolution, it remains in use by the Leaden Key and can be accessed through the southwest exit in the Copperlane Catacombs.


The once grand temple to the Exiled Queen was the center of Aedyran religious life in New Dunryd. When the fires of the revolution were lit, however, the temple was one of the first to burn as a symbol of imperial domination. It was left as a ruin, a peculiar trophy and a gesture of defiance towards their former imperial masters. Unbeknownst to the revolutionaries, the underground portions of the temple remained intact and in use by a group of dedicated cultists, forming the Leaden Key.

Points of interest[]

  • Entering the temple area and walking a short distance triggers a scripted encounter, where you can witness events from the Watcher's past... A very distant past. Thaos welcomes you as a new recruit to his cause, allowing you to define your relationship to Creitum (one of the most remarkable cities of the past) and the reasons for joining Thaos' group of missionaries. These range from having no idea to the teachings of Thaos about the gods resonating with you.
  • The trail to the northeast terminates in a solid brick wall. Enter scouting mode to reveal a hidden switch that can be then used to open the wall and grant access to a secret tomb. Watch out for the Malignant Cloud trap and the sarcophagus trap. The sarcophagus contains minor loot.
  • To the west lies the entrance to the Temple. Hafmacg guards it and you can enter freely if you don the Woedica Hood. Mind the warning: Leave companions behind while heading deeper into the temple.
  • The northern corridor leads to the Initiate and minor loot (the locked difficulty 5 chest can be opened with a Lead Key) while the lower one is the route deeper into the temple.
  • Past a room with mercenaries lies a corridor leading to the meeting chamber (Aloth will have a moment if you approach the door). Enter the room alone if you plan on being discreet, so that you can talk to the Acolyte. Afterwards, your party can enter as normal and you can use the switch on the far end of the room to exit into First Fires. Otherwise if you end up resorting to violence, the Shrouded Woman will drop a Lead Key that can be used to open the aforementioned chest.


  • Immediately north of the entrance is a wall with a torch. There is a small brick you can interact with when discovered that opens a false wall. This leads into a trapped chamber with a lootable sarcophagus.
  • Woedica Hood: If you didn't get one from the Copperlane Catacombs, you can convince the Initiate to give you one with 14 might or resolve.


  • Hafmacg: Guards the entrance to the temple's interior. Can be persuaded, bribed or killed to gain access to the area.
  • Initiate: Located by himself in a northern room right as you enter the temple proper. He is practicing the right lines to say to the acolyte, which you can ask him to repeat to you. You can also convince him to give you his hood.
  • The Acolyte: The target of the quest Never Far from the Queen. She says only that she is "The Acolyte" if you ask about her. She will attack on sight if you approach her without a Woedica Hood.

Related quests[]

Main quests[]


Leaden Key Cultists:



Note: For a complete list of random loot found in Temple of Woedica, see here.
Sarcophagus (Trapped - Noxious Burst Trap - Difficulty 4):
Urn (central room):
Bookcase (study left):
Chest (Locked - Difficulty 5 / Lead Key - Study center):
Bookcase (study right):
Container (Hidden - Difficulty 5 - In the southernmost room):
Vase (western hall):
Vase (shrine left):
Urn (shrine right):