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The Abbey of the Fallen Moon is a location in The White March - Part II.

Background[ | ]

The Abbey of the Fallen Moon is a large Ondrite cloister built in and around Abydon's ancient corpse, which landed here after he had sacrificed himself to save Eora's civilizations from a fragment of the moon, which Ondra had pulled from the sky. The abbey consists of three floors: The Halls of Presence, which house the ritual, administrative, and representative chambers, The Halls of Silence, where the Giftbearers prepare for their final rest, and the Reliquary.

The Reliquary encompasses the uppermost battlements, and is the holiest of holies to the Ondrite cult, containing the remains of Ondra's beloved Abydon. His shattered skull contains a piece of Ionni Brathr, the lost third moon of Eora, whose tip protrudes through the ceiling in the Chamber of the Fallen Moon below.

The Abbey is a vital part of Ondra's worship, as it is here that the Giftbearers come to be laid to rest. There are two orders of monks, the High and Low Tides, with the former composed of Giftbearers who joined the Abbey and tend to the Halls of Presence and other day-to-day activities, and the latter being those who reside in the Halls of Silence, surrendering their memories to their Goddess until nothing remains save a blank slate. The ritual of the Rising is performed by Tidebringers elected by the Ondrite conclave, which ritualistically floods the Halls of Silence, snuffing the Low Tide order out and allowing members of the High Tide to take their place in a cycle of forgetting and erasure.

Points of interest[ | ]

  • This is a large map that you enter from the southwest. Long Bosc stands nearby and can offer a few pointers on how to enter the Abbey as a spy. You can do so if you have Resolve 14, Perception 13, or Lore 6. The guards will let you pass then.
  • The south-western half of the map is filled with winding routes and canyons, with the monastery opposite them. The lower level contains entrances to the Halls of Presence, while the upper level allows entrance into the Halls of Silence.
  • To the northwest lie the outer battlements, with the passages of Ondra inscribed at the top (a clue for The Rising Tide). They are, in order: Anthu - The End, Saman - The Flood, Disaman - The Ebb, and Dianthu - The Beginning.
  • The central plateau contains the Crescentward, who will usher you inside. The locked chest nearby contains the Grimoire of the Tides.
  • In the southeastern corner is a rocky outcropping, providing an alternate route into the abbey via the Halls of Silence. Interact with it to swing across the icy chasm (assuming you have a Rope and Grappling Hook and at least Dexterity 18 on any party member).
The Reliquary

Characters[ | ]

The Reliquary

Loot[ | ]

Notable loot[ | ]

Containers[ | ]

Note: For a complete list of random loot found in The Abbey of the Fallen Moon, see here.
Upper area (the Reliquary):

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