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Disambig.png This article is about the inn situated in Gilded Vale. For the pet found in this inn, see Black Hound.

The Black Hound is Gilded Vale's only inn.


The inn is owned by Pasca, who took over once the previous owner left without a word. It is named after the previous owner's black dog, which can still be found in the second level of the building.


Backer characters


Room Resting Bonus Duration Price
Room blackhoundinn commonroom icon.png The Common Room
  • None
Room blackhoundinn laborer'srest icon.png Laborer's Rest 2 rests
Room blackhoundinn dyrwood'spride icon.png Dyrwood's Pride 2 rests

Related quests[]



Notable loot[]

  • If you ask Pasca about the inn's name, you can talk to the dog on the second floor to get the Black Hound pet.


Note: For a complete list of fixed and random loot found in The Black Hound, see here.
Lower floor:
Upper floor:

Behind the scenes[]

  • The name of the inn is a reference to the cancelled Baldur's Gate III: The Black Hound. The stained glass window near the door is a close crop of the original box art for the game by artist Vance Kovacs.
  • This area contains developer commentary.
There's a couple of jokes in here about the inns previous owner having disappeared you might note, and that grew out of our never hearing back from the inn backer - it's all meant in good fun of course.

I had a little poster in my office of the old promo art for Baldur's Gate III, and while we were thinking of names for this place, I started using "The Black Hound" as a placeholder, thinking that it wouldn't stick. It ended up getting thumbs up, and Josh Sawyer asked art to implement the poster image as a stained glass window on the lower floor. The dog upstairs actually came later. Once we started assigning locations to the various pets, the placement for the black dog seemed fairly obvious.

~ Olivia Veras, Junior Designer