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Disambig.png This article is about the quest in Beast of Winter. For the location, see The Bridge Ablaze.

The Bridge Ablaze is a quest in Beast of Winter.


Far younger than the other two echo realms, this is the Evon Dewr Bridge at the Citadel, frozen in the moment just miliseconds before the Godhammer was detonated. The battle is frozen in time - and the Watcher needs to figure out why.


  • One of the more interesting places in Rymrgand's realm. After taking in the splendor of the area, interact with St. Waidwen, then reach out to his soul. The following exchange, captured in the moment before the detonation. As you talk to Waidwen, it becomes plain that he is actually trapped in an endless cycle where the last moment of the Saint's War repeats endlessly. Regardless of what you do, the events will culminate in an explosion again. This will transition into the Moment of destruction, as Eothas was shattered by the Godhammer and just Waidwen was left behind. Collect Waidwen's Sundial from around his neck, then fight off the spirits and talk to Eothas.
  • Your next task is to collect the fragments of Waidwen buoying this realm and let him become one together. You will need to pass through each moment of detonation to collect 4 pieces of him. The first is located atop the tower to the west, accessed from the entrance in front of the soldiers dying to sunbeams. The next needs to be collected by traveling to the different moments. There are three, each accessed with the Sundial:
    • Dawn: The Moment Before (when you enter)
    • Noon: The Moment Of
    • Dusk: The Moment After (where you landed)
  • Using the ray of light before Waidwen and travel to the Moment After (Dusk). Collect the Evon Dewr tower key from Waidwen’s remains. Use the portal to transport you to under the bridge. Use the ray of light there to travel to the Moment Before (Dawn) and talk to the priest (it is very difficult to see her) to discover that the detonation mechanism for the bomb, hidden by a powerful illusion spell, was a shard of adra containing a fragment of Waidwen's soul suspended between spiked copper plates. This magical fuze was activated by Waidwen's proximity - a bomb for Waidwen, made from Waidwen. Exit the door on the left and go to the Tower, using the tower key to unlock the dock. Retrieve the Memory of Magranite Incantations from a barrel on top and return to the priest. You can extract a fragment of Waidwen's soul - either by detonating the bomb (thus retaining the sequence of events), or using a Magranite Priest/Fire Godlike background or an Explosives 17/Sleight of Hand 15 check to carefully remove it.
    • If you spoke to the chained spirit in the Queries, you can use Betrayal to assume Durance's form and force the priest to reveal the construction of the bomb. Then you can imitate Durance (or refuse to do so out of disgust at Durance) and gain the schematics. Disarming the bomb grants you the Detonator Shard, a little piece of a time paradox.
  • That same ray of light reached through the portl can transport you to the Moment Of, where another Wandering Soul awaits.
  • Then you can use the next ray to travel to the Moment Before, and head to the patch by the area entrance. Access the Moment Of (Noon) to collect some minor loot or to the Moment After (Dusk) to grab the final part of his soul, located under the bridge.
  • The fourth part will reveal that Waidwen was a firm believer - and when faced with the inevitable end of the march, he did not flinch. He finally understood that the kith were supposed to stand against the dawn together, not rely on it (and that Eothas knew about the bomb all along).
  • Return to Waidwen. You can ask him to aid against either Neriscyrlas, Eothas or let him just descend into the void and his soul will dissolve. To fight the the dragon you will have to argue with him. Once persuaded he will exclaim "lead the way" and exit through a portal. If you convince him to stand with you against Eothas he will accompany the (invisible) trail of souls behind you.


ID Objectives
0 The Bridge Ablaze
10000 I have found myself in another part of Rymrgand's dominion - a tableau of Evon Dewr Bridge, the site of Eothas' destruction by the Godhammer Bomb.

If I can enlist their aid, the spirits here may be able to help me against Neriscyrlas.

Alternate descriptions
40001 I have found myself in another part of Rymrgand's dominion - a tableau of Evon Dewr Bridge, the site of Eothas' destruction by the Godhammer Bomb.
1 Investigate the bridge.
10001 Evon Dewr Bridge isn't here by accident. Someone or something is keeping this place in the Beyond, preserved on the brink of oblivion.
20000 The battle that preceded the explosion of the Godhammer Bomb has been frozen in time. Exploring further might reveal why.
20001 The soul of Saint Waidwen appears to be caught in a cycle endlessly playing out the events of his death.
2 Locate the missing fragments of Waidwen's soul.
10002 The explosion of the Godhammer fragmented Waidwen's soul. He can't think straight in this state, much less help me.

According to Eothas, Waidwen's sundial will allow me to travel between the moments of the explosion. To do so I need only stand in bright beams of light and turn the dial towards the desired time.

Perhaps I can use this to gather the pieces of Waidwen's soul.

20005 A fourth fragment of Waidwen's soul rests in the Godhammer itself. Investigating the source of the explosion could point me toward that elusive piece.
20006 Waidwen was unresponsive when I attempted to restore him. It's possible that he's only coherent in the moment before the bomb's detonation.
20008 I found the memory of an incantation left inside a tower. I can't read it, but the words may be important to someone in this realm.
20007 I found a priestess channeling a spell beneath the bridge. Like Waidwen, she is trapped in the same cycle - only her fragmented soul cannot recall the incantation she needs. She suspected that she left it in the southmost tower.
20009 I gave the priestess her incantation and uncovered the location of the bomb.
20002 A fragment of Waidwen's soul revealed a troubled childhood and domineering father.
20003 A fragment of Waidwen's soul revealed that he carried his resentment into adulthood.
20004 A fragment of Waidwen's soul revealed that he bonded with Eothas and chose sainthood.
20012 A fragment of Waidwen's soul revealed that he understood and accepted his role in the end.
5 Bring the fragments of Waidwen's soul to the moment before the explosion.
10005 Waidwen's soul paints a picture of the man he was before he became a saint.

Restoring the memories to his most intact self should make significant strides in restoring his mind.

End states
Yes 30000 I convinced Waidwen to join me so I could guide him to the Wheel.
Yes 30001 I convinced Waidwen to redeem himself by fighting the dragon Neriscyrlas.
Yes 30002 I decided it was best if Waidwen was destroyed for good.