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The Celestial Sapling is an inn in the Hearthsong district of Twin Elms.


Hundreds of years ago, a strange cosmic event occurred. With many stars falling across the sky. One of those same stars began to plummet, instead, towards Eora. It fell striking a young tree and burying itself within it like a fiery heart. The tree survived. And over the years, it grew - and grew, and grew, twice as big as its fellows in half the time. Its growth eventually stabilized, creating one of the magnificent trees that are a distinguishing characteristic of Twin Elms. In recent decades, Ellitherion 'Haggard Shoes' decided to verify the stories and established the inn after finding the fiery heart of the tree.

Points of interest[]

  • This is an inn with three distinct areas: The common room with the bar and the innkeeper, and two adjacent bedrooms. The one to the west contains books on Eir Glanfath, while the one to the right hosts the High Monk.


Talk to innkeeper Ellitherion 'Haggard Shoes' in order to rest here.

Room Resting bonus Lasts for Cost
Room celestialsapling wanderersreprieve icon.jpg Wanderer's Reprieve 2 rests Copper pands (cp)140
Room celestialsapling celestialsuite icon.jpg Celestial Suite 1 rest Copper pands (cp)200


Backer NPCs
  • Camylle Wychmere
  • Gaius Firemane
  • Ishgŵnan
  • Nyssia Silversmith
  • Sileira Trilere


Notable loot[]


Note: For a complete list of random loot found in The Celestial Sapling, see here.
Chest (Locked, Difficulty 8):

Behind the scenes[]

  • The inn was designed by a backer within the context of a Kickstarter backer reward.[1]
  • This area contains developer commentary.
This was a backer inn, whose original design called for it being placed near the trunk of a large tree. But since we had these giant elms in the city, and since we wanted you to go up to its branches at some point, it seemed like a good idea to take the inn and basically give it a loftier location up in the canopy of those giant elms. This is a cosmopolitan area, but it's also wild and magical. The Celestial Sapling features adventurers from all parts of the world of Eora.
~ Jorge Salgado, Designer